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Avellone would be Gov. Patrick, but more so

Balancing praise with self-promotion in evaluating the pol you want to replace can be tricky. Today, Joseph Avellone managed that well. He is one of five Dems eager to follow Gov. Deval Patrick, who leaves term limited after eight years.

Avellone said Patrick “has created a very exciting and compelling vision for our commonwealth,” adding, “we don’t need a new vision.” Instead, he wants to continue and expand on Patrick’s drives for new industry, education improvement, and healthcare cost containment.

With an impressive and diverse résumé, Avellone has been surgeon, COO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA, biopharmaceutical exec, and more. Click below to listen in as he describes how he’d build on Patrick’s work and layer on his own ideas.

We talked of his year-old Commonwealth Pledge he is driving, at first for Dem candidates and for all if he wins the primary. That would expand the People’s Pledge to include instate PACs and lobbyists, effectively shutting off outside money from the campaigns. We got into an ease of expertise and passion — healthcare cost control. We also spoke of his detailed education plans and his problem/solutions sets there from pre-K up. However, we did not have time for his Office of Recovery or energy and environment ideas. See his site’s Issues area for those.

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Avellone promises jobs and health-cost control

avellone Another physician in the 2014 run for MA governor is Joe Avellone. A surgeon who went on to be a health-care/pharmaceutical exec, We’ll talk his big, progressive goals, like tens of thousands of new jobs and wrangling health costs, all without raising taxes.

He has tons of relevant experience (like COO of BC/BS) and limited elected background (six years as Wellesley selectman). Check the link above to his campaign site for his issues/proposals.

If you can join us (changed to 2 PM, on Thursday this week), do that on March 6th, Thursday at 2:00 PM Eastern here. Afterward, his show will be available at that URL, back here at Left Ahead or on our iTunes page.