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Falchuk’s Big Fat Populist Vision

Evan Falchuk mugEvan Falchuk seems intent on taking the sport out of MA politics. Like weather talk, bemoaning the shortcomings of Dems and then Republicans is our MA sport without colorful hats and jerseys. He is confident that his new political party will shut your mouth.

Click below to listen in to his vision of the United Independent Party that is at once synonymous with Falchuk and then is is vision of the new commonwealth political order. He starts with the cliché about not having to vote for the lesser of two evils, then zooms into specific details on what he and the UIP would do differently.

You can also check his ideas and platform at his Rappaport roundtable presentation, on his campaign site, and on my commentary at Marry in Massachusetts.

Falchuk is a big vision guy. That includes:

  • Healthcare — squelching the monopolies created that drive up costs and give patients no choices
  • Taxes — repealing the 1915 commonwealth constitutional amendment mandating a flat tax, setting up a commission to define what makes sense heading to progressive tax regs
  • Infrastructure — similar to taxes, defining what makes sense for the next three or four decades and working toward that instead of patch, patch, patch
  • Economic growth — building for more citizens as well as more jobs, while doing what’s necessary to foster health of small and medium businesses

Falchuk also has plans beyond this election. He sees the UIP fielding candidates at multiple levels in MA. He certainly figures he’ll have the resources for this gubernatorial run. He claims to have hundreds of passionate volunteers augmenting his staff, and a vigorous fund-raising effort, including his personal $2 million contribution.


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Falchuk runs for MA Gov. with his new party

Evan FalchukFalchuk? United Independent Party?

It’s time you got with the program. Running headlong in the hunt for MA governor is Evan Falchuk. He has strong platform planks and a great conviction that voters here don’t want a Dem or GOP top exec this time. You can get a sense of his positions in my blog post here.

He joins us Tuesday, March 11 at 2:30 PM Eastern and you can go here then if you want to hear him live. Afterward, his show will be available at that URL, back here at Left Ahead or on our iTunes page to hear or download.

We’ll talk his populism, his planks and his strategy.