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My Hand to Your Mouth

Mike BallIn homage to Thanksgiving, Mike shifted from the usual politics to food. This was a show about his upbringing, family gardens, Boomer lack of choices, his grandparents, shopping open-air markets, and stocking a pantry and a spice cabinet.

His WV grandparents grew and made the food. He learned by doing from elementary school by cooking for his working mother. He loves all aspects of food, from farming to selecting to preserving to prep to cooking to eating.

There is special emphasis on open-air markets, like Boston’s Haymarket. Walk through once to scope out the choices, quality and prices, then a second time to buy. That lets you plan the week’s menu based on the treasures you have in your bags.

Likewise, he advises stocking your pantry and spice racks well. Your ideal should be to have at hand what you need to work out of your fridge and pantry to make a whole meal.

Otherwise, next week may be a bye. We have lots of guests for our big meal and our ensuing battle of the pies. Then it’s back to politics.

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