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Closing (unnecessary) equality blog

From 2004, I had blogged at Marry in Massachusetts. I’m closing the figurative shop.

Thinking of doing that kept me awake. I rose those relieved and still delighted that the SCOTUS declared same-sex marriage as a right and the law of the land.

Yes, I’m heavily invested in the themes and the blog. Yes, I know that plug nasties and loons will still try to harm, hinder and hurt homosexuals. Yet over a decade ago, I pledged to shut it down when marriage equality won in the Untied States.

This show is self-indulgent. It is omphaloskepsis. I did it coming up on 12 years. I spoke out for equality. I am not one of the magnificent warriors who made this happen, more a fellow traveler. I know we have come to a good stopping place.

My political blogging will be here, occasionally at BlueMassGroup, and at my personal blog, Harrumph.

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