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Trek from Gun Violence Podcast

cartridgesAngry and saddened by the latest and legacy of mass killings by a gunman, the POTUS demanded state and federal gun laws to deal with licensing and sales issues. Sure, sure, those are essential, but let’s change America’s gun culture. That would literally be the gift of the century to current and future citizens.

I exhort us to do that. We can. Already as polls show repeatedly, over 90% of us want greater gun licensing and sales controls. Clearly the state and Congressional NRA-bought solons lack the courage and will to attend to our desires and judgment. So we need to help them.

In my lifetime, I have seen us advance from segregated schools and miscegenation laws to at least half way to racial tolerance and balance. That cultural shift can only continue. We need to do the same with our gun culture. We need to employ naming and shaming — yes, to our lawmakers, but as important in our normal interactions with friends, neighbors, coworkers and those we need. Think the office or factory, the church coffee hour, on the subway and on and on.

Implicitly and explicitly, threatening in any way our fellow citizens has to and can be made unacceptable. Listen to my raving on this by clicking below.

By the bye, the best info on the Roseburg shooter I’ve seen appears in the Britsh The Daily Mail here.

WaPo created a sobering graphic of the number of mass shootings in the U.S. (four or more killed) this year. See it here. There has not been a week without one and up to 5 per week.

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