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Incivility, gender, race and hate

I threw on my cloak of optimism, supposing that Hillary will become POTUS and that this will be a springboard for a nation more at ease with a woman at top.

I spent many years in Virginia and still identify with the best of us there. Thomas Jefferson in Notes on the State of Virginia (XVIII: Manners), “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just…”

As this motley, churlish election cycle completes in less than a week, let’s discourse on big themes, such as:

  • Following the no-colored-Presidents-for-me tone, how deeply are we experiencing, the no-dames-for-President tone?
  • Are 40% to 50% of us truly OK with a puerile, impulsive ignoramus as out leader?
  • Are the judgmental Europeans right about us as bigots and socially retrograde?
  • Can this election catapult us to a new America of tolerance and egalitarianism?

We’ve had 8 years plus the campaign of “Oh, no, it’s not that Obama is Black. It’s that he’s foreign; Muslim, a pinko. :Assuming POTUS Clinton the Greater, do we then get, “Oh, no, it’s not that Hillary’s a women. It’s that she’s a crook, a criminal, a pinko.”?

I can’t believe 6% or more of the electorate is undecided, or so they claim. Then I”m an incredulous sort. Playing cards so close to your vest makes them tattoos. Bad form.

Let’s kick around the final days of a much too long, far too nasty season.

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Bathroom-bill scam podcast

I have little to no patience with anti-gay and anti-transgender sorts. The ongoing hate campaign against public accommodation in the likes of gyms, showers and toilets is absurd and needs resolution in favor of equality.

Today’s show went on about that.

I promised a few links.

  • Here’s one to Peeing in Peace from the Transgender Law Center
  • The OSHA guidelines for employers are here
  • Click here to see Lambda Legal’s FAQ about the regulatory and practical issues
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Pisser of an issue

I have really tried to avoid disnifying the hate mongers on the issue of pubic accommodation in schools, restaurants and even toilets. They just won’t quit lying and scaring. So let’s do this.

This Sunday’s NYT has a good wrap-up here. Ignore that they tucked this in the Styles section, what used to be the Women’s pages. Harrumph.

This is a big issue. Wingers and anti-gay types have been moderately successful in co-opting an equality issue, reframing it as a bathroom bill. The pretext and pretense is that if legislatures or ballot initiatives give transgender kids and adults access to gender-neutral facilities — showers, johns and such — child rapists will track little girls into toilets and do awful things.

Let’s talk about what the real issues are and name the dreadful, hateful lies. You can see samples here and here. This craziness has to stop, but first we have to call it out.

I’ll kick around the topic Tuesday, November 10th at 3:30PM Eastern. If you can listen in, click here for the live show. If you want to speak up, do so at 718-664-6966; just don’t block your number.

If you can’t catch it live, you can get it on demand back here, at the show URL or on the Left Ahead iTunes page.