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Election 2012 Showdown Podcast

Double guests, double insights today. Mat Helman of ProgressMass and Jason Stephany of MassUniting joined us to talk the races for POTUS and US Senate from MA.

There’s no secret that all four of us favor Elizabeth Warren over Scott Brown and Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. Helman and Stephany got down into details about why their and their organizations were working for them.

As background, you might also check out ProgressMass’ PDF file on Brown’s rhetoric v. record here.

Listen in as Stephany rips into the myth of Brown’s alleged independence and bipartisanship. Helman goes into depth about how Brown gets away with portraying himself as the concerned middle-of-the-road guy while voting for winger agenda on every important issue. It’s a PR primer.

We deal a bit with Brown running from a fourth and final debate and the effects of Hurricane Sandy on next week’s vote. Click below to listen.

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Obama Words Podcast

obama.jpgWords! Action?

We looked into what President (ahem, amen) Obama said, underlying meaning, and likelihood of some or all of it happening.

We’re figuring on:

  • Congressional support for and passage of one or two stimulus packages, a.k.a. a two-year honeymoon out of fear
  • Enough progressive activists coupled with voters inspired by Obama’s plans and rhetoric to keep the pressure on Congress
  • Political fights and the possibility of forcing filibusters to keep on track
  • Parallel and integral infrastructure work, both providing jobs and directing the nation to a stronger economy mid-term and beyond

We were impressed with the Lincoln Memorial and Capital steps speeches. We figure the lasting phrases and concepts will continue to leach from the content. He did the major tasks at hand — in an inaugural speech that was not overly rhetorical but still powerful. His recurrent responsibility themes were a welcome change from the past eight years and his stem-winding conclusion will resonate.

As usual, each of us had things we predicted and favored. TBD

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Obama’s Words and Meaning

We skipped our usual Tuesday podcast for a special this week. Wednesday, January 21st, we’ll maintain our record of progressive blather and jabber. You can listen live to our analysis of the speeches and prayers of the past few days at 2:30 p.m. here.

Check back here anytime afterward to download or listen to the podcast on demand.

We’ll analyze the new President’s words. We’ll discuss the implications and weight of preachers Rick Warren, Gene Robinson and Joseph Lowery. We may even get into Roger Wilkins’ remarks on Monday at the JFK Forum.


Prez-Elect Rising

Ryan and Mike riffed on the surprise emergence of Barack Obama in the newly powerful role of President-elect.

These startling and demanding times require a cohesive and sure direction, something we haven’t seen in a long time. While saying we only have one President at a time, Obama has nonetheless run a two-President world since early November. Good on him and good for us.

We talked about what good may come of this pre-President role, whether it will become a template and new norm, and what drawbacks might be.

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Funding Fair Government

People just don’t know. Judy Meredith and her ONE Massachusetts are about changing that.

The long-term activist and lobbyist was our podcast guest today. She spoke of how to define and fund fair government, and how to convince both voters and lawmakers to make it happen.

Starting decades ago on adoption issues, learning how to lobby on many issues, and un-retiring to join the current challenges, she has lots of savvy. Early on, she learned to identify a key problem or issue, and only then approach politicians with a clear definition and workable solutions.

Listen in to hear what she and her group are working on now.

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H8, National and Local SSM

To hear three excited and nattering lefties, catch the podcast on the post-Obama election, post-Prop. 8 future of marriage equality.

We launches from a discussion of a panel of anti-marriage equality types held yesterday at a lent room at Suffolk Law School downtown. Commentary on that is here and here.

There, five of the if not leading lights at least loudmouths opposing SSM and denying that it is even a civil-rights issue were at the table and holding forth. They used pretty predictable and unprovable arguments for their wanting to hamper and harm SS couples.  They were also pretty gleeful about the passage of Prop. 8 overturning SSM in California.

We talk about their positions and what we see coming up. Ryan was particularly strong in expecting the energy shown in recent protests against the vote to translate into positive changes. A lot of complacent lefties are angry, both at those who voted for Prop. 8 and the organizers who did not do enough to defeat it. It’s time for a new model for advancing GLBT and SSM rights and he figures this is a good catalyst.

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Mass GOP Mess

Loud, incessant and dolorous is the keening. The Massachusetts Republican Party dominated the commonwealth for most of the post-Civil War. Yet, it has an all-time low percentage of elected officials at the state and national levels.

We kicked around:

  • How they got to this state of the state
  • What they might do other than complain
  • How accurate the one-party description is here
  • The role that Democrats in Name Only (DINOs) play
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Election Blather

The usual trio of suspects were all up late and long. We ended up concentrating mostly on California’s Proposition 8 stopping same-sex marriage there. It likely will change the thousands of SSMs to domestic partnerships or something similar.

We analyzed the 52%-48% loss and why, and what can be done to correct it.

We hit specific races — President, Senate and local, as well as our three ballot initiatives. Then, maybe because we were all up last night, euphoric over the Obama victory, we went on and on, ending up with casinos again.

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John Kerry Shares a Bit


We trotted to Lynn on our usual podcast day to hear Sen. John Kerry on the economy. He also gave us a short interview afterward.

Check out our other blogs for coverage of his financial address:

Pix notes: Images courtesy of Kerry’s staff. Click on one to see our splendid selves or the Senator.  Use your browser button to return.

kerrylean.jpgWe followed up with clarifications on the bailout and oversight for current and anticipated bank combinations. We also got his views on and plans for high-speed rail as part of his infrastructure-improvement program. In addition, he described the types of progressive legislation he expected to pass under an Obama administration with a 60-seat Senate majority.

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Netroots Podcast

We got a lot to chew on from Raven Brooks, executive director of Netroots Nation (formerly YearlyKos).  We had a wide-ranging conversation within the political, media and blog worlds.

Brooks gave tips on how bloggers can work effectively, whom they should meet to do the best job and how they can spread their messages. Of course, from his perspective, the primary question remains how we can advance progressive goal.

He responded to our own questions about the interplay among bloggers, pols and media. He also forecast a bit about the role and influence of bloggers on this and the next election cycle.

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