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Kill the Filibuster Podcast

We can hardly wait for the new Congress, specifically the more liberal and sensible Senate with several new Progressive Dems. In particular, MA’s Elizabeth Warren, WI’s Tammy Baldwin (both Dem) and ME’s Angus King (an independent who’ll caucus Dem) don’t want a stagnant body dragged along by the House. Warren and King have already said they are gunning to reform the filibuster.

Listen in as we bring in a little background and get excited about the possibilities for moving both bills and appointments along.

We figure GOP Senators are chastened by the last election. We also figure that if they actually have to stand and talk, not just threaten to do so, they will be shamed at their reasoning and motivation. This would be, in Martha Stewart speak, a good thing.

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Donkey Time Podcast

We intended to chat up the DNC convention today. Of course, in context, that meant contrasting the Republican one with it, looking at both the content and power of both, and extrapolating the November results.

Every optimistic, Ryan was buoyed. Ever the worrywart, Mike was cautious. However, both agreed that the Obama team won. Romney/(the other) Ryan’s chances to come on strong continue to diminish.

Listen in as we talk about the increased likelihood of a continuation by the POTUS and why.

We also weighed Citizens United’s effects on this election, how the GOP and its millionaire minions may fine-tune their abuse of democracy, and the paths to ridding the process of the shouting corporate/billionaire speech.

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Elephant Leavings Podcast

Ryan and Mike has a good time recapping the GOP doings in Tampa. Rather, the non-doings, as it was all too plain that the Republicans abjectly failed to provide any reason to vote for Romney/Ryan instead of against Obama/Biden. The speakers, including the candidates, gave no details, not specifics, no proposals and no plans to better the country and its economy.

Moreover, even the Missus could not humanize the not-very-human Mitt. We look forward to the contrast with this week’s Dem speakers who are certain to offer a real path and speak without the lies and pretense we heard this past week.

Ryan suggests that the Dems should take the weak attack the Tampa folk left with, the question that worked in another election, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago.” Unfortunately for the Republicans, the vast majority of Americans can only say yes. They’d like more, faster, but yes.

Alas for the elephant herd, the fringe GOP platform suddenly is obvious and real. In lieu of any plans and proposals, voters can only look to the stated objectives of the party. They would scare all but the most extreme.

Teeing off of one of Mike’s friend’s view, they discussed what happens if Romney loses. Ryan backed the friend in predicting an even worse purge of moderates. Mike figures it would immediately lead to another soul (if you pardon that word here) searching by the party.

Listen in as we talk about what was and was not in the week that kind of was.

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Picking Paul Podcast

It’s not an assured victory for President Obama following Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as VP candidate, but it’s close. There are those unknown issues, such as the couple of billionaires and many millionaires who have pledged to spend whatever it takes in PAC and direct contributions to put the GOP in power.

Perhaps more important, Obama and his crew have to frame the monstrous Ryan budget proposals clearly. Then, they have to make sure the Dems, moderates and independents drag themselves to the polls on November 6th.

Listen in as our Ryan Adams and Mike speak to the Romney/Ryan horror show. Our Ryan has some comparisons and contrasts to Sarah Palin. Mike notes the foreign policy deficits and ignorance of both Romney and Ryan. This is not the time or state of the world for bumblers to try to learn on the job. Those gross shortcomings should reveal themselves in debates and campaign coverage.

Mike again went on about how this election more than any in memory will come to fantasy v. reality. The 40% or more of voters who need to believe in the abject failure trickle-down-economics that forms the core of Ryan’s income stream. Listen in as we scoff.

For this to work for Obama and the Dems, they have to make the effects of the Romney/Ryan proposals plain. Moreover, the media have to pay attention. PACs can suck it.

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Thy Willard Be Done Podcast

Ah, coincidences amuse and fulfill us all. As we started today’s show, Rick Santorum was literally announcing the suspension of his campaign for the GOP nomination for POTUS. While edgewise Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are still in the now misnamed race, Willard Mitt Romney will run against President Obama in November. Punditry has it that Santorum hopes Romney does not have an outright majority of delegates for the Tampa convention and that he’ll somehow magically get the slot. Dream on.

Ryan and Mike started reveling in the turns and dips. We mused on whether the candidates had done so much damage to Romney and pushed him soooooooooooo far to the right that he had zero appeal to left, moderate and even ordinary right-wing voters. Then there have been Romney’s colossally arrogant and insensitive gaffes, indicating how divorced he is from reality, at least the lives of 90% or more of us.

In a pleasant surprise, former Boston City Councilor John Tobin joined us. This self-described political junkie is now VP at Northeastern University charged with community relations. We spoke a bit about the recent increase in PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) to the city from his school, but mostly it was politics.

Listen in as he describes how he still believes it will be a tight race, still dependent on the state of the economy come fall. Mike and Ryan are in the camp that the GOP, from POTUS candidate level to state legislatures and governors, has so hosed itself, it has even bigger repairs needed before it has the slightest shot in November.

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MA Dems’ John Walsh Podcast

As always, MA Dem Party Chair John Walsh was looking forward to the next battles — particularly the 2012 elections. He joins the podcast about six minutes in and covered a lot of politics quickly.

Listen in by clicking below. He describes how and why U.S. Sen. Scott Brown won the special election in this bluest of states…and why Dems can retake it. He runs down who might run for the seat for the full term. He also speaks who won’t be running.

We kicked around the meaning of over half the commonwealth’s voters being unenrolled. Yet many vote Dem.

We’ll have to do it again soon. We didn’t even get to strategies for the upcoming campaigns.

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DADT – a Domino?

MassEquality Executive Director Kara Suffredini joins us to talk about the immediate and broader effects of the Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell (DADT) repeal. Understandably, the focus has been almost entirely on the military. Now what?

We’ll talk it over tomorrow, Tuesday, December 21st at 2:30 PM EST. Listen in live if you can. You can come back to that URL or here anytime later to hear it on demand.

As will quickly be obvious to the few who didn’t get it (a certain Senator from Arizona and the head of the Marines come to mind) that the repeal will be relatively seamless, highly positive and otherwise a non-issue. Despite similar fears, pushback and panic on African Americans, women, Japanese Americans and others serving in the Armed Forces, this was yet another real struggle.

Meanwhile rights and political groups are cogitating. Could this showing of two-thirds of the conservative U.S. Senate lead to other obvious, sensible decisions and actions? Could the DADT repeal affect the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) efforts?


Views from Arlington Podcast

We were graced by John Galligan, a.k.a. Humble Elias, the blogger at Chimes at Midnight. Lynne and Mike dragged national and local politics around the grounds.

He knows a lot about and has strong opinions on Arlington politics, Sarah Palin, John Kerry and Ed O’Reilly among others. As one teaser, he figures lots of shoes are about to drop on Palin’s candidacy. Sounds like fun to me.

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Chimes at Noon Podcast

We’ll run our weekly a tad early this coming Tuesday, 9/9.  At noon, the blogger behind Chimes at Midnight joins us.

Commenting as Humble Elias, John L. Galligan has little patience with foolishness or delusion. Hear him live then or check back here for the podcast.


Something Old/New Candidates

Okay, we can’t claim high ground. We rolled around the John McCain/Sarah Palin rubbish.

Along with rumors of babies recent and pending, we went for some substance. Her veep nomination is a combined intelligence and personality test. Palin has no meaningful expertise or experience. Her personal life is a royal mess, down to active charges of misusing her authority as governor to fire a commissioner. She has a history of pork-barrel politics of the type McCain allegedly abhors. Moreover, for moderate to leftish Americans she has all the wrong positions — anti-choice (even in incest and rape), pro-gun, pro-capital punishment, and more.

The test questions would be how many could delude themselves enough to pretend she’d be a good choice to be first in line to replace a president? Second, if Barack Obama is so unqualified to lead the military and make foreign policy decisions, what does that say about transparent-résumé Palin?

To Mike, what the choice highlights is that McCain likes to portray himself as a free-thinking maverick, but this is clearly an uninformed and impulsive decision. Palin may not even make it through the convention and if she does will face ceaseless questions. For McCain, we must ask that if he makes such a capricious decision for VP, could we ever trust him in the Oval Office?

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