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Dogs, Duties and Drugs

On November 4th, we have YES/NO choices on three ballot questions:

  1. Eliminate state personal income taxes by 1/1/10 (cut in half to 2.65% on 1/1/9)
  2. Change  possession of small amounts of pot from criminal to civil offense
  3. Outlaw dog racing by 1/1/10

We stated our impassioned, and we think reasoned, arguments. We say:

  • No on 1, in the strongest terms.
  • Yes on 2.
  • Yes on 3, also strongly.
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Screeching Halt to Greyhound Racing

Sad Note: We started the show with Ryan’s paean to Lori (lolorb) Bonatakis, a prolific and insightful progressive blogger and online commenter. She was fit and fiery just a short time ago at our recent BlogLeft gathering, but she’s suddenly gone. Coincidentally, Lori was quite the animal lover and protector. She would have added to today’s podcast.

Our guest was Christine Dorchak . She is co-chair of the Committee to Protect Dogs (Massachusetts) and president of Grey2KUSA (nationwide). She is in the end game of campaign to prohibit dog racing in Massachusetts. The ballot question is on the November ballot.

On the show, she was almost entirely figures and provable statements. She noted that this was in contrast to track owners’ frequent criticisms that those who oppose dog racing are emotional sorts. In fact until 2001, no one had to keep any records of how many dogs were injured and sickened by racing and being caged as part of the track process.

Her organizations are rife with data and reports on broken legs, on- and off-track euthanasia, and racing/feeding/caging illnesses. She urged listeners to check the sites and call the main number [617-666-3526] with questions or to hear why to vote to stop dog tracks.

Since her group lost their first (pre-data) attempt to ban racing eight years ago, Dorchak says they’ve been bringing legislators as well as voters around in droves. The latest petition had over 45,000 voters; she said they were waiting in lines in Brookline when she was gathering signatures.

Listen in to hear what goes on at the track, during and between races. Find out what’s inhumane and unacceptable about this troubled and troubling industry.

I grew up around farms where dogs as well as humans had to work for a living. Dogs either helped with animals, protected against predators or hunted. Greyhound racing is nothing like that. It is neither sport nor a job for a dog. As Dorchak notes, these dogs are commodities, business tools that are profitable for a short, abused life and then discarded.

She’s not in the mood to wait until the foundering tracks go out of business on their own.

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More Talk with More Guests

Ryan’s been playing activities director, with minor help from Mike. We prefer our podcasts with a guest or two. We’re making sure we do more of that.

Watch our schedules here or on Blog Talk Radio for pending shows.

At our usual date/time of Tuesday at 2:30 p.m., we have Christein Dorchak on greyhound racing this coming Tuesday, July 8th.  Check in then for live streaming or come back here to bike skeletonor download listen to the podcast on your schedule.

The next week, we’ll have a Tuesday event, plus a special on the following day. We’re going to the sources on what works and what needs to be done for bicycling in eastern Massachusetts. From Cambridge, we have Cara Seiderman and Ken Field representing government and citizens’ views. We’ll cover alternate transit, cycling safety, ped/bike/motor co-existence and how their town makes it work.

Note that this show is a 24 and one-half hours later than our regular. It will be on Wednesday, July 16th at 3 p.m.Left Ahead! on BlogTalkRadio

Live stream for this special at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, 7/16. Click on the button then to catch the stream.

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Hounding Greyhound Racing

Dorchak mugChristine Dorchak has nothing good to say about greyhound racing. She’ll have her say on Left Ahead! next week, Tuesday, July 8th at 2:30 p.m.

She’ll detail why she and her groups want to ban dog racing. She is co-chair of  the Committee to Protect Dogs (Massachusetts) and president of Grey2KUSA (nationwide). She is an activist with a lot of conviction and passion, as well as knowledge and expertise.

As you might imagine, those who earn their livings from dog racing disagree with her condemnations. For example, a track owner told the Taunton Gazette three years ago:

Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park owner George Carney has vowed not to roll over, but to fight the proposed ban in court.”The dogs are taken care of and well looked after,” Carney insisted. “This is a phony issue, and they’ve been able to promote it and raise a lot of money from a lot of suckers.”

Likewise, a PR guy for the American Greyhound Council (a racers’ group) wrote to a newspaper:

For example, you wouldn’t know from listening to Dorchak that the vast majority of greyhounds injured at the track suffer no long-term effects and are able return to live racing within a few days or weeks. Those that can’t are placed in suitable adoptive homes.

She has a very different version of what happens to dogs during and after their racing tenures. Listen in Tuesday or catch the podcast later on Left Ahead! to get the details and hear what’s up next.