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Trump Kicks Against Goads

Lackaday, Donny Jo. The huge lesson before you will not disappear by neglect or denial. Our incidental POTUS has again chosen to teeter on the most dangerous path — feigning innocence while humming, “Catch me if you can.”

He returned from a disastrous foreign trip, replete with numerous Administration scandals, to assert all are fake news. We can easily understand why someone so dull-witted would rely on the artifice that has worked for him several times. Unfortunately for him (think Dunning-Kruger effect) as so many other dummies and mommy’s boys, he is not aware of the limits of such bluster.

I believe the current set of problems is beyond even his B.S. powers. He is no Mandrake the Magician or Obi-Wan Kenobi. He cannot misdirect the world’s attention from these entanglements.

Take his central premise — detailed, multi-sourced reporting by the likes of the WaPo and NYT are made up because the first wave of articles does not list every source. Each of us uses the internet and knows the stupidity and duplicity of trolls who demand details and links to all sources so that can find nits to pick and then claim everything is a fake, fake news in this case.

His double dog dare to reputable media can only backfire repeatedly and continuously. Only one actor here is a serial, pathological liar. As the evidence mounts and more witnesses are emboldened, his bluster will sound fainter and fainter. As his minions, including his son-in-law, face accusations to charges to trials or pleas, his imagined control will vanish.

Until recently, I bought into the concept that a GOP-dominated Senate would never impeach Trump. Yet, he has overplayed his had so far and given leeway to way too many corrupt buddies, I do not see any clean way out for him.

Were he more noble or driven by grand aims, he might be seen as a tragic figure. This is simply low comedy. The man is too dumb to know how to pick a fight he has a shot at winning.



Netroots Nation Recap Podcast

The annual progressive convention Netroots Nation just finished — Providence this year. Ryan was there and spoke of what made the strongest impressions.

One session that struck Ryan was on marriage equality efforts at the ballot box. He disagreed with the Maine campaign using primarily straight allies in efforts to win back the right for same-sex marriage. The campaign should be using gay couples and families, he said and wrote.

It’s not the same as being there, close enough, to hit the video. Netroots has a remarkable page with clips of each session, here.

Meanwhile, listen in to today’s show to here Ryan speak of the decline in state and local blogs, which have been so influential in recent elections, and much more.

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Liberties Lost Podcast

It was a short, weird show today. Mike held forth on his Baby Boomer upbringing, in relation to expectations of American liberties. He contrasted that with what we are seeing at the airports, from Congress, in Gitmo and more.

Unfortunately, BlogTalkRadio misbehaved. Ryan could not connect to talk.

It was short and only suited to those who like 15-minute rants.

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Progressives’ Angst Podcast

We kick around the problem of progressives and lefties in this year’s elections. Many are unhappy with inertia and temerity from the POTUS and Dem Congressional leaders.

Ryan and Mike talk about the options, support, protest and more. We hit the likelihood of wins and losses in Congress, as well as what Pres. Obama might or might not do in a second term. We don’t forget Elizabeth Warren, DOMA, jobs, or marriage equality

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Rupert Mordor Murdoch in the Dock

notmordor.pngThe hugely powerful generally skate and the aged Rupert Murdoch apparently expects to do so. That’s not likely.

Join us Tuesday, 7/26 at 2:30 PM Eastern as we look beyond recent events. Sure, his corporation lost a lot of paper value. Sure, he felt he had to back out of a big media deal. Sure, he tried to distance himself by firing a bunch of key managers and executives. That won’t be enough.

His U.S.-based empire brings him under some far heavier laws than British public and parliamentary opinions. We have racketeering and bribery laws that go far deeper than disgust at hacking cellphone of the dead to get good tabloid stories. Moreover, what this mess means for tabloid and other journalism is another matter entirely.

If you can catch us live then, listen in here. Otherwise, come back for an on-demand play.


WikiLeaks Podcast

As always, Ryan was more sanguine about the public’s collective wisdom. As opposed to Mike, he concluded that further WikiLeak revelations would likely convince many of us that revealing hidden (but in redacted form) classified documents would be a good thing.

We discussed the impacts and implication of the leaks, of the pursuit of the editor-in-chief, and what it means for small-d democracy and the larger U.S. system of diplomacy. During the show, Mike checked and found that numerous live listeners were on, but none chose to speak.  He hoped that this did not indicate a trepidation that mirrored recent fears of being accused of terrorism or anti-American behavior.

Regardless, we discussed the unfortunate long-term trend of overclassifying documents and trying to hide information from the public — lying in more common parlance. We agreed it’s past time for the the executive and legislative branches to order evaluation and declassification.

Listen in as we hit this and that. Granted, we had the advantage of considerable current coverage in news and blogs. You have even more now. Feel free to comment.

Related Post: Mike comments at Marry in Massachusetts.

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Steve Garfield Podcast

While the rest of us were getting the hang of Facebook and Twitter, and watching some YouTube videos, Steve Garfield was a key player in both online video and social media. He has created a role for himself and made a career of them.

Steve joined us to tell us what he does with it all. He consults with companies and some politicians as well, teaching them how to make the most of video and social media. In fact, after so much experience and work in the area, he responded to requests and produced his popular book Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business. You can find it on Amazon or most book stores and his site linked off his name above has info on it.

He spoke about how politicians are the same and different in video use and particularly how they can use short, natural clips of themselves effectively. He says already video serves numerous purposes in political campaigns and how it will only become more pervasive.

Listen in as he describes his own development from pre-blogging posts and public-access TV and radio into full blogging, video and social media. He tells what works and perhaps as important what to avoid.

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Video Power Podcast 11/23

recursivesg.jpgThe video god, Steve Garfield, joins us next week. Tuesday, 11/23 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. He’s made a career as the nation’s premier video blogger, consultant to companies and pols, and author.

We expect to concentrate on how politicians, organizer and the like can use video and get the greatest impact.

Join us live then or return here anytime to hear Steve on demand.