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Sure, Sanders and Trump, but a Big So What?

bernburnIt’s everything…and nothing. As polled and predicted, Trump and Sanders won the New Hampshire primary yesterday. That was the first clear win for each of them and settled little.

Predictions that the GOP chaff would fly in the wind were exaggerated. The two female would-be POTUSes are more determined, Hillary from power and reason and Fiorina from vanity and spite. The two main Dems are straight ahead and depend on results from first Nevada and South Carolina (2/20 and in SC also 2/27) and March 1’s Super Tuesday.

I do know a bit about of SC politics from my previous life there. I suppose I have as much right as the next blowhard to analyze and predict.

With over a 20% win over Clinton in NH, Sanders gives me reason to be more sanguine about his chances at nomination. He’s gone from nowhere to a solid possible. I talk about the perils I see for both of them.

I can’t really hide my disdain for the GOP candidates. I do have views of what will happen in the run to nomination as well as general.

I talk about what I see coming up for Super Tuesday, but particularly in South Carolina.

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Iowa teaser, NH some meat, Super Tuesday full meal

Everyone’s uncle, niece, cousin and coworker has opinions on the Presidential race. Hovering between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, we blowhards just le it rip. My turn.

I’ll drop my cornhusker conclusions ? Bernie, Hillary, the dropouts, Trump, Cruz,?and Rubio ? plus New Hampshire know-it-all forecasting.

My 6-month granddaughter is among Sanders’ youngest supporters, aided by her mother. They went from Seattle to Des Moines and now on to ye olde Granite State. So expect some skewing.

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Oh My Podcast

Liars and titans and bores. Oh my. The GOP show moved to New Hampshire.

The only sane candidate — Huntsman — doesn’t have a chance. The others are seriously flawed…yet unintentionally amusing.

Ryan and Mike just couldn’t stand leaving this alone. They packed in analysis among the giggles.

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NH SSM Fight Podcast

NH is oddly back in a manufactured fight over same-sex marriage. Guest John Hosty-Grinnell, LGBT activist, KnowThyNeighbor principal and blogger, joined us to report and comment.

Note: Our host service messed with us today and cut off the show exactly at the 30 minute mark. There were no thanks, good-byes or conclusions. I apologize.

He is also a NH resident, one of many with the question of after a thorough series of hearings, a non-binding plebiscite, and considerable protracted debate in the legislature, the state passed SSM just over a year ago. Why, then if this is settled and there are no problems, would the new Republican supermajority in both houses try to pass a law taking away a groups established right? Why pass a needless law?

Listen in as he speaks of his testimony before the recent hearing on the matter. He also recounts his exchanges with the governor and legislators one-on-one, and his attempted contact with his own state rep. From those perspectives, plus being a gay man with a husband, he sees this issue with great clarity.


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