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Scott Brown’s Record Podcast

The four tent poles holding up Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign are all shaky, said today’s guest. ProgressMass‘ communications director, Mathew Helman, contrasted Brown’s rhetoric and his voting record.

We didn’t get to go point by point, but those are available online. ProgressMass has a sub-site for the topic, including a compact PDF file detailing specifics in nine key areas. They’ll also be live tweeting (@ProgressMass) Thursday’s first debate between Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

Click below to listen in to Helman talking about those tent poles:

  • Independent voice in the Senate
  • Bipartisan
  • Jobs crusader
  • Regular guy

He describes how Brown is charming and charismatic. Yet you never get the whole truth from Brown. Helman gave us examples in each area.

Helman also addressed how Brown has been able to get away without being challenged on his voting record so far. This includes even staging public appearances who he won’t be in positions to have to explain — think parades, charity events and drop-ins at diners.

Now come four debates. Helman doubts Brown can charm his way through those. He figures those plus millions in campaign ads from both sides and the on-the-ground GOTV efforts will determine the race.

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