Harsh Opportunity

March 30, 2007 | 1 Comment

No time has ever been better to re-evaluate and overhaul Massachusetts transportation policy than this moment — progressively. Unlike the last two decades of governors, those following Mike Dukakis, the new guy, Deval Patrick, is being candid about the problems we face and their scope. His administration sees perhaps $11 billion in necessary infrastructure work […]

Since gay rights have been a big topic of discussion lately, something we’ve hit on the show, I thought I’d share a video I found on Governor Richardson of New Mexico – a Democratic candidate for President. I haven’t picked a favorite candidate yet, but that video does nothing to hurt Richardson in my eyes. […]

A huge and recurring progressive issue in Massachusetts has never been more obvious than it is with our new administration. It is the political problem of where does the buck stop or who’s going to bell the cat. Through years of Pollyanna pretending, we have downplayed fundamental problems and funding concerns. Everyone acknowledges we have […]

As we said during yesterday’s show, clearly there’s room for improvement in the media – and the Boston Globe. One journalist in particular, Frank Phillips, has shown a continued contempt toward the system – with story after story that would get a “Needs Improvement” if journalism were a section on the MCAS. Today’s story is […]

For Starters

March 27, 2007 | 1 Comment

Today, on our first show ever, Lynne, Michael and I talked about the blogosphere, the blogger/MSM divide and a little on the upcoming ConCon. Get a taste of what’s to come in this slightly-longer-than half hour show as an archived podcast. Also, check back over the course of the week as we further analyze the […]

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We’re starting our podcasts and live streaming next week. Ryan, Lynne and I begin by assessing the massive and profound changes in Massachusetts politics recently. As we get perking with the shows on BlogTalkRadio, we’ll put pointers here as well as there to what we’ll talk about, when, and who guests will be. As the […]


March 20, 2007 | Leave a Comment

LeftAhead is a new website and podcast for progressive voices in Massachusetts. We’re a bunch of already vocal bloggers who have decided to come together in unity on important issues and get the discussion rolling. So, if you’re looking for a new progressive voice in Massachusetts, here’s the new place to be! ~Ryan


March 13, 2007 | Leave a Comment

LeftAhead is a new online webisode programming with a progressive outlook on politics in Massachusetts, occasionally dabbling onto the national scene. With weekly shows and a blog, it’s a new tool for the budding Mass Netroots movement and lefty blog readers everywhere.