Cross-posted at Marry in Massachusetts and Harrumph! This promiscuous cross-posting is a first for me, but we ended up kicking the handguns issue up and down the hall in our podcast. Previously, my regular blogs had a related post. Sometimes I go out of my way to offend people and other times it just seems […]

The stakes in the 5th Congressional District special election are high. So we shouldn’t be surprised by a field crowded with accomplished Democrats, and a Republican, even before there is officially an open seat. Our next podcast includes the usual suspects, plus guest Dick Howe. We’ll concentrate on the 5th CD. Dick has been running […]

This week’s podcast, Bubbling Cauldron, dealt with some local elections and several big issues. Unfortunately, Lynne couldn’t join us, but that didn’t stop Ryan and me from holding forth on the 5th Congressional District race to replace the almost-resigned Marty Meehan. He should formally announce on May 9th. We expect to have Lynne, from his […]

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Cross-posted at Marry in Massachusetts. This is goodness and promising. The Boston Globe has a front-page piece on the shameful pork barrel politics in our own state house. May this be the first flicker as they turn up the heat. This is the wrong time and place for bringing home the bacon or whatever cliché […]

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The sometimes irascible Massachusetts Liberal blogger had Mike’s post of the week. The gist is that Deval Patrick both marched and stumbled through his first 100 days as governor. He has already made big changes and we should expect more. The post cites a few trends, like creating a two-way communications infrastructure for citizen involvement […]

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DiPaulo’s out and Meehan’s in – err, his wife, that is. She’s Niki Tsongas’s new campaign manager. So much for Meehan staying above the fray… Here’s my take on everything, Susan 495 has more – as well as Mimi over at LeftinLowell. ~Ryan

Dick Howe is, thank La Folette, impatient. The wonderful, helpful Lowell Telecommunications Corporation provided the service of taping the 5th Congressional District forum Dick and our Lynne hosted last weekend. However, LTC does not always move at internet speed. It will eventually have the works edited and available on its site. We’ll let you know […]

Be sure to see Ryan’s featured blog of the week. We’ll try to make this a regular highlight/lowlight of the podcast. Mike also got in the swing with a post at Gotham Gazette. The New York City blog had a post that should be as meaningful in the Boston area. Blogger Marcus Banks focused on […]

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Bringing a little regular content to each week’s webisode, every week Lynne, Michael and I will present our Blogs of the Week. We’ll discuss why it’s important, why it’s our favorite blog of the week and hopefully promote the blog to our audience. Then, we’ll post a link and quick write up afterwards on this […]

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