Listen in on this week’s podcast to hear Mike and Ryan go at it on crazy homophobic “witnesses,” casinos in Massachusetts and a whole host of issues. Midway through the segment – at exactly the half hour mark – Sco joins us to talk the fifth congressional race. He’s got a great understanding of the […]

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Seeing as how we have Sco on board for this week’s podcast, I figure some required reading is in order. Richard Howe picked up on some of the candidates positions on immigration – there’s also some neat videos on his site as well, from the latest forum. Also, check out for Sco’s interviews with […]

There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. The bonhomie that has characterized the race to replace U.S. Rep. Marty Meehan seems to be subject to time, exposure and the gravity of it all. From .08 Acres, Steve (sco) joins our podcast Tuesday, May 29th, at 7:30 p.m. We’ll touch on several topics, […]

We hit a lot of hot buttons in today’s podcast — the pending 5th CD forums on Iraq and on health care, the local races, the ConCon fight over the anti-marriage-equality amendment, and even taxes. Lynne saw and strongly urges that we all hit Bill Moyers’ piece on alleged fair trade. His main guest was […]

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Just a reminder – LeftAhead is live at 7:30pm. We’re talking health care, MA-05, health care and MA-05, ConCon and who knows what else?

We are back on the road or air or tubes with our podcast. We shall move our topics — healthcare, the fight for U.S. 5th CD Rep seat, and maybe ConCon updates. We go live at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 22 here. You can check back to this main page for a listen-or-download link from […]

Because of some very rare technical problems, we (Ryan and I) were not able to hook into the podcast tonight. However, we will reschedule, likely for Thursday, and let everyone know the new time for those who like to listen live. It will go back to the regular schedule next week. Thanks for listening!

Yesterday’s podcast with Susan Ryan-Vollmar found me babbling briefly about the old days — the mid-1960s in Greenwich Village. Maybe nothing’s more boring than hearing about how it used to be, but maybe that can be a useful perspective. As a married lesbian mother, Susan certainly has her own investment in the pending drive to […]

Well, we rambled a bit, but Susan Ryan-Vollmar hung with us. The editor-in-chief of Bay Windows was as guest. None of us could nail whether the anti-marriage-equality amendment coming before this year’s ConCon will come to a vote and if it does, if it will pass onto the ballot in 2008. Susan feared she might […]

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Tonight’s podcast with special-guest Susan Ryan-Vollmar is obviously going to be one of our most important podcasts yet – all the more so for the insight Ryan-Vollmar can provide on tomorrow’s ConCon. Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace as the days tick by and a vote on marriage draws nearer and nearer. Yes, […]

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