Today’s show was on the casino deal in Middleboro. Among the several votes at the town meeting, Middleboro voted both against casinos and for them. On the non-binding, ‘do we want casinos in Middleboro’ vote, the town gave a resounding no. On the question of whether or not Middleboro would support the Womponoag casino, the […]

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Today’s Podcast hit on many of the no-good, terrible and particularly old laws in Massachusetts that never really belonged. Some of them, fortunately, are more of a laugh than a particularly bad thing. However, others – like the 1913 law that prevents many people from getting married in this state merely because they’re gay. We […]

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The results are certainly different than Donoghue’s numbers, that’s for sure. Tsongas 36% Donoghue 13% Eldridge 12% Finegold 10% Meceli 4% 25% of the population was undecided. I’d imagine a lot of other people aren’t exactly stubbornly supporting their particular candidates – and who knows who’s really going to come out and vote the day […]

Mike’s blog post of the week comes from one of his favorites, Kiss My Big Blue Butt. (The alleged Susan DuQuesnay Bankston from Tom DeLay’s old Texas district would have a conniption if she read that; she doesn’t like anyone to call her blog a blog.) Her July 16th post on Shrub describes and links […]

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Ryan and Mike covered the poll Eileen Donoghue’s team took and released on the candidates’ standing in the 5th CD race. It was short on methodology (likely voters?) but showed modest bumps by the second, third and fourth candidates at the expense of leader Niki Tsongas. We didn’t put too much stock in it and […]

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It was just Ryan and Mike tonight. Ryan’s initial connection was bad — he called in a few minutes later for a clear connection. We hit on the commonwealth budget. Can Gov. Deval Patrick affect a progressive platform without a fair share from protected corporations for revenue? House Speaker Sal DiMasi continues to shield big […]

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A lot of conservonuts, like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, like to talk about all these great liberal conspiracies and what not. Well, I’m not proud to admit this, but sadly it’s true. I’m involved in a very serious plot… one I hope will brainwash, twist and subvert my very own (conservative) brother. Telling him […]