We’ll be covering crime and punishment in several podcasts, future ones with guests. Today, we started with our views on how to deal with convicted criminals, on why America has such a huge proportion of its populace in jails, and what the alternatives are. Then we jumped to the casino debate again, this time with […]

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Today, we hit on the big one, the sudden fight over establishing casinos in Massachusetts. It promises to dominate the fall and beyond. Gov. Deval Patrick faces huge deficits now and ongoing. For nearly 20 years, education, infrastructure and other key expenditures have been pushed off. That minimized taxes, but the bill is here and […]

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This and That Podcast

September 11, 2007 | Leave a Comment

This was a sundries edition and short. We analyzed the 5th CD victory of Niki Tsongas, while briefly lamenting that an even more progressive candidate won’t be in the final, here or elsewhere. We also wondered where the report on casino gambling in the commonwealth is and why the governor has not released it or […]

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Following the wonderful, powerful, affirming defeat of the amendment that would have halted same-sex marriage here, a pivotal player discussed that process and what’s next. Marc Solomon, MassEquality’s Campaign Director was our guest. He spoke of their strategy during the battle and what may be next for his organization. We also ranged on what local […]

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As a reminder, we expect Marc Solomon, Campaign Director for MassEquality on today’s podcast. To repeat our previous promo, he was key in framing the issues and leading the fight against the amendment to stop same-sex marriages here. We discuss the recent victory a bit, but more on the struggles underway. We want to know […]