Ryan and Mike checked in on our metropolis. We had to mention that baseball team, but mostly it was politics. We have a hobbled, but still budgetary powerful, City Council. An off-year election with no big draws puts the four non-white (two Black, one Latino, one Asian-American) Councilors at risk. Then there’s a suddenly energized […]

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The kids are in bed and it’s time for adults to talk. We in Massachusetts lived a fantasy for the previous 18 years B.D. (before Deval). The huge shift that came with the Deval Patrick administration relates to the maturity he demands of us, including of the General Court. The delusional practice of Republican administrations […]

Our full house of regulars welcomed Mike Benedetti of Pie and Coffee and Worcester’s WCCA-TV. He attended the entire Larry Cirignano trial and came loaded with insights. We kicked around the implications of the right-wing activist getting off both civil-rights and assault-and-battery charges, plus what it might mean in Worcester and beyond for protesters of […]

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We’ll kick the free speech can up and down the hall with Mike Benedetti, of Pie and Coffee and WCAA-TV. He attended all five days of the Larry Cirignano trial. The trial started like it would be a seminal one, covering public protest, free speech, and charges of civil rights violations as well as common […]

Today marks a special occasion for LeftAhead! Not only do we have one live report coming from Mike at Larry Cirignano’s trial, but we have Lynne ready and willing to cover Niki Tsongas’s victory lap the Fifth Congressional District election. Double-whammy! Mike hopes to be on as early as 2:30, but 3pm is probably more […]

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Not too long ago we invited Marc Solomon on to discuss MassEquality’s future, among other things. Well, now, the civil rights organization issued a survey for its readers on where the organization should go. If readers think MassEquality has more work left to be done, make sure to tell them that – because now’s the […]

Civil rights, transgender, inclusion, half a loaf…ENDA has to be the most loaded legislation around, and will continue to be so. We start on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act with this week’s podcast. The guest was Laurel, a civil-rights activist and frequent commenter on left-wing blogs. Many lefties and some righties are split on whether to […]

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In today’s podcast, the 5th CD, Romney’s breakfast and casinos dominated our dicussion. Casino polls show that a tiny majority of Massachusetts would support a resort casino, just not in their backyards (there’s a NIMBY I can understand). The Governor supports it, so where does that Massachusetts? House Speaker Sal DiMasi says nothing will happen […]

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