We have see the winnowing of huge baskets of candidates for both parties in the Presidential race. Change is inevitable come November and January, but what type and under what leadership? Posts of the Week Mike turned east to the Financial Times political blogger Clive Cook. In US economy brings worries for both parties, he […]

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Click the player below for the very powerful session today. We kicked legal issues around today with David Yas, the publisher of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. He is a keen observer of and commenter on such issues as same-sex marriage and duties of our Supreme Judicial Court. He definitely has views on how secure the Goodridge […]

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Legal decisions can seem like medical-journal studies. In the latter, doctors flog this month’s results as now-we-know-the-truth — and MSM from daily papers to CNN to Parade spread the pseudo-news. Court decisions can be the same. In our desire for authority, we say, “After (insert ruling), everything changed!” In both cases, it’s usually just one […]

We covered the Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina primaries, with emphasis on the GOP side. We spent a bit of time on Cape Code and wind turbines in general. We also looked with hope on the three big developments in Massachusetts education this month. Ryan and Mike love the idea of Mitt Romney advancing by […]

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If you want to download individual podcasts for replay off your computer, choose the show you want below. Right click on the title and save the MP3 file to disk. Our podcasts are available in several streaming formats by visiting here. If you want to download individual podcasts for replay off your computer, choose the […]


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LeftAhead is a new online webisode programming with a progressive outlook on politics in Massachusetts, occasionally dabbling onto the national scene. With weekly shows and a blog, it’s a new tool for the budding Mass Netroots movement and lefty blog readers everywhere.

In relatively rare strong disagreements, we couldn’t agree on which GOP loser should emerge from the primary-to-convention process to lose in November. Mike figures Huckabee would be the easiest to defeat. Lynne and Ryan like our smarmy former Gov. Willard Romney. We got regrets for not being able to call in from Humble Elias as […]

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The Prez Podcast

January 2, 2008 | Leave a Comment

The usual suspects hit on the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary for Presidential candidates. Our guest was Susan Haley, head blogger of BelowBoston. She’s been an ace at tracking the polls and how the candidates are presenting themselves. It turned out that we had all we could handle dissecting the Dems and mostly what […]

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