Casinos are not going to solve Massachusetts long-standing economic problems. Despite a questionable study underway to claim huge benefits, other cities and states have not gotten the promised revenues. Instead, we’d like to see: An honest appraisal of the drawbacks and potentials. A comparison to other tacks, like funding new high-tech industries and companies. Fair […]

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Are blogs actually useful – or are we just a bunch of ramblers who aren’t making a difference through our civil engagement? We kick around how important blogs have or have not become in election campaigns and progressive issues, as well as different ways to improve upon them, especially in being able to bridge the […]

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Ryan and Mike kicked around the virtues, flaws and Presidential potential of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Neither candidate is left enough or progressive enough for Mike. Barack’s partisan talk makes Ryan nervous or worse. He sees that attitude as a real weakness, one portending ineffectiveness if elected. Mike feels this could well the one […]

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Mike had a brief (12-minute) Super Tuesday check-in. Ryan and Lynne were off working politics, so the podcast is a placeholder for next week’s post-primary/caucus analysis. He promised some related links. These include: His endorsement of Barack Obama at Marry in Massachusetts. The Washington Post figures and charts of who’d beat whom head to head. […]

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