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Grassroots Fertilizer


Grassroots podcast

Ryan and Lynne host today’s LeftAhead, while we give Mike a break for Jury Duty (the slacker!). Today’s topic is grassroots political organizing in Massachusetts and the Governor’s role in it (or present lack thereof. The casino bill was a complete drag on his grassroots army, but now that it’s over, will we see a return to the Governor who ran on people “checking back in?” With casinos dead, if not buried, can we finally begin afresh with an issue-based movement on something like Green Energy? Lynne and Ryan hope so, but perhaps are resigned to the fact that it may be the people – without their governor – heading off this movement.

Also, as a reminder, April 19, at 1pm, is the blogger’s conference in Lowell. There’s a $10 cover, but that includes lots of good food and soda/water/etc. There’s going to be some prepared discussion centering around grassroots/netroots movement building in Massachusetts, but most of the day will be to catch up with old blogger friends, and meet new ones. Anyone’s welcome. If you’d like to learn more about the event, please email Ryan at adams*dot*ryan*p*at*gmail*dot*com, or lynne*at*left*in*lowell*dot*com, just deleting the asterisks and replacing the dot and at with . and @ (trying to avoid spam).

…or go wild and live in this century. Scroll to the March 11th post and click the logo.

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Who’s Got the Cash?

olsen2.jpgAce reporter in the field, Ryan Adams plops it down in the State House for the contentious casinos hearing. He calls in with truth and knowledge — another in our occasional series of remote reporting.

Posts of the Week

Mike was surprised to find the usually rambling Katha Pollitt being spot on about John McCain for November. In a blog in The Nation, she writes on McCain May Be Old, but He’s Still a Threat. She contends that much of America may see him as a “familiar, indeed family, character.” As such, the election may come down to “Obama v. McCain could be change/youth/black/exciting/internationalist against experience/maturity/white/steady/superpatriot.” Dems will have to hustle against such a jovial winger. “We’ve been patting ourselves on the back a lot for having a black and a woman vying for top spot on the ticket of one of the two major parties. November will tell us whether or not we have really come all that far.” jeu casino onlinegagner au casino en ligne,gagner au casino,methode pour gagner au casinoenquete eurobarre casino on netblack jack mocasino slot machineroulette anglaise règles du jeux,roulette anglaise,la roulette anglaisecasino games 2007jeu baccarat en ligneblack jack regolecasino jeux en franceeuro vip casinocasino jeux d argentbonus de casino sans depotcasino virtuel,casino en line,online casinowww produits casino frcasino poker en lignejeux baccarat gratuitesjeux casino poker gratuites ,jeux casino gratuit,telecharger jeux de casino gratuitesblog casino en lignecasino gratuites demojack black king kongcasino jeux argentinternet casinowww jeux casino comhttp www casinojeux gratuitsjeux gratuitesjeu pcregles du poker texas holdspielbank,spiel bank,realistische spielbankholdem poker softwarepoker game downloadenpoker net downloaddeutsche online pokerdraw poker spielregelntexas holdem kostenlos downloadspiele bankstrep poker on linegioco carteno deposit bonus pokertornei di poker gratisomaha holdgioco poker texanotavolo multigicotori pokerstrategie texas holdemstreap pokerstrip poker pcgiochi da pokerpoker texas holdem on linestrategie poker


Tomorrow’s LeftAhead: a live report

Among tomorrow’s several topics on LeftAhead, Ryan will be at the Gardner Auditorium for a live report on the hearing which will help decide the fate of whether casinos are littered all around Massachusetts, or not. Ryan is decidedly hoping for a “not,” but make sure to tune in starting at 2:30 to learn how the day is going.


Swarm of Bloggers Coming

We detailed next month’s Blog Left gathering. We continue our now two-time tradition of holding these in the hustings (three if you include our lieutenant governor debate we co-hosted in Lowell). We protect people from the terrors of driving in or even being associated with Boston. blogleftlogo0408.jpg

The first was in Worcester and this one will be Saturday, April 19th, in Lowell.

Posts of the Week

Political Cortex featured mole333 in a clear denunciation of Ralph Nader as a Republican stooge. Consider the concluding implications:

Nader gave up the mantle of Progressive years ago. And if the Greens follow him they will become reviled for their collaboration with the Bush/McCain axis of corruption. But if the Greens reject Nader, as they did in 2004, they once again affirm their genuine commitment to progressive politics.

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Questionable Casinos Podcast

Sad it was, a solo mumble and moan by the old, sick Mike. Ryan was off with his candidate and Lynne in business meeting. I went on about casinos and how Gov. Deval Patrick is using some pretty questionable statistics and one scare tactic to promote his gambling proposal.

His desperation is understandable, as the incompetent legislature won’t raise taxes on business to fair levels and has no proposals of its own for infusing badly needed revenue into a hurting state.

I alluded to the Jarrett Barrios mini-interview on Blog La Plaza. That’s here. The former state senator justifies his support for Hilliary Clinton over Barack Obama on GLBT and other civil rights issues by cues. Neither makes strong civil-rights statements, but he figures her previous statements as a Senator cover her. I find them both centrists and wishy-washy on rights.

Posts of the Week

Hillary, ready for leadership and crisis? Michael Seitzman over at Huffington Post calendar pagessays the evidence proves otherwise. The root of his argument is that she pushes her experience, but the only real one she has is running her campaign, a foundering one. He holds that counter to her claim she’d be prez and ready on day one of her term she has failed to deal with the variables of the Obama campaign. The crisis came, and stayed, and she has been unable to manage it. Seitzman concludes, “So what does the crystal ball tell us? Does it tell us she’d be ready on Day One? Maybe. But it tells us something else, too. It tells us that she’s not remotely equipped for Day Two.”


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