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Ryan and Lynne host today’s LeftAhead, while we give Mike a break for Jury Duty (the slacker!). Today’s topic is grassroots political organizing in Massachusetts and the Governor’s role in it (or present lack thereof. The casino bill was a complete drag on his grassroots army, but now that it’s over, will we […]

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Ace reporter in the field, Ryan Adams plops it down in the State House for the contentious casinos hearing. He calls in with truth and knowledge — another in our occasional series of remote reporting.
Posts of the Week
Mike was surprised to find the usually rambling Katha Pollitt being spot on about John McCain for November. […]

Among tomorrow’s several topics on LeftAhead, Ryan will be at the Gardner Auditorium for a live report on the hearing which will help decide the fate of whether casinos are littered all around Massachusetts, or not. Ryan is decidedly hoping for a “not,” but make sure to tune in starting at 2:30 to learn how […]

We detailed next month’s Blog Left gathering. We continue our now two-time tradition of holding these in the hustings (three if you include our lieutenant governor debate we co-hosted in Lowell). We protect people from the terrors of driving in or even being associated with Boston.
The first was in Worcester and this one will […]

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Sad it was, a solo mumble and moan by the old, sick Mike. Ryan was off with his candidate and Lynne in business meeting. I went on about casinos and how Gov. Deval Patrick is using some pretty questionable statistics and one scare tactic to promote his gambling proposal.
His desperation is understandable, as the incompetent […]

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