Grassroots podcast Ryan and Lynne host today’s LeftAhead, while we give Mike a break for Jury Duty (the slacker!). Today’s topic is grassroots political organizing in Massachusetts and the Governor’s role in it (or present lack thereof. The casino bill was a complete drag on his grassroots army, but now that it’s over, will we […]

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Ace reporter in the field, Ryan Adams plops it down in the State House for the contentious casinos hearing. He calls in with truth and knowledge — another in our occasional series of remote reporting. Posts of the Week Mike was surprised to find the usually rambling Katha Pollitt being spot on about John McCain […]

Among tomorrow’s several topics on LeftAhead, Ryan will be at the Gardner Auditorium for a live report on the hearing which will help decide the fate of whether casinos are littered all around Massachusetts, or not. Ryan is decidedly hoping for a “not,” but make sure to tune in starting at 2:30 to learn how […]

We detailed next month’s Blog Left gathering. We continue our now two-time tradition of holding these in the hustings (three if you include our lieutenant governor debate we co-hosted in Lowell). We protect people from the terrors of driving in or even being associated with Boston. The first was in Worcester and this one will […]

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Sad it was, a solo mumble and moan by the old, sick Mike. Ryan was off with his candidate and Lynne in business meeting. I went on about casinos and how Gov. Deval Patrick is using some pretty questionable statistics and one scare tactic to promote his gambling proposal. His desperation is understandable, as the […]

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