Ryan and Mike railed and ranted (and offered a bit of hope) on dead-tree newspapers. They are irritated at the poor and shrinking local coverage, sloppy reportage, and bottom-line orientation of owners. The stereotype of the newer generations reading less and being more online oriented seems true. (See the 2-year-old Pew Online News report.) Yet […]

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We dove into the results of this weekend’s BlogLeft gathering in Lowell. Ryan and Lynne took the initiative to present a proposal for ramping up a netroots drive. We agreed to work together as bloggers for some progressive goals. Definitely to be continued. Ryan and Mike both expressed impatience with getting a nominee is place […]

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Sonia Chang-Diaz joined us today and was unflappable across a range of soft and hard questions. She’s running against long-term State Senator Dianne Wilkerson, after narrowly losing to her as an unknown two years ago in a sticker campaign. She grew up in a do-gooder family, with a social worker for a mom and an […]

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Showtime in Second Suffolk and showtime on today’s podcast. For our weekly festival of sound, we bring on Sonia Chang-Diaz to kick around strategy, integrity, progressive goals, race and culture. This is a cross-post from Marry in Massachusetts. Two years ago, she came damned close to unseating long-term State Senator Dianne Wilkerson. It was a […]

Lynne got to play our intrepid reporter this week. She reprised her Left In Lowell interview-like-object with Gov. Deval Patrick last week when he was in her fair burgh. She had gotten 30 minutes with him, addressing local and commonwealth issues. We teed off from those topics to cover bond issues, other funding possibilities, and […]

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We started by indulging Mike, who attended a same-sex marriage symposium on Friday at Roger Williams University. It had a speaker and two expert panels on the culture of SSM in New England. That gave us a chance to wander about GLBT and more general civil rights. We plugged the April 19th BlogLeft netroots gathering […]

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