For a state with an early history of civil rights, such as outlawing slavery, Massachusetts hasn’t gotten protecting transgender persons and gender-identity rights. Gunner Scott, executive of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, is working hard to change that. (Link opens in new window. Go ahead and contribute. They need it and you’ll feel good.) The […]

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Today’s guest was Mary Tufts, blogger of the anti-casino, Middleboro website Gladys Kravitz, the namesake of the nosy neighbor on Bewitched, who just couldn’t believe all the strange things she saw. Like Gladys, Mary’s seen some pretty shocking things – like Selectmen who pushed through a casino proposal without time for debate, brushing aside anyone […]

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We hear on today’s LeftAhead all about biking, foot-pushing-pedal variety. Guests Ken Fields and Cara Seiderman, the Czar and Czarina of biking in Cambridge, come on for some real expert discussion on promoting bikes in Massachusetts, especially inside Greater Boston. Ken leads the citizen-driven Cambridge biking committee, while Cara leads policy from the governmental side. […]

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Here at LeftAhead, we love to have interesting and informative guests on to do the show. They’re often our best-rated and most-watched shows, and they’re also the most fun to do as hosts. So, in that vein, we have a lot of good, upcoming guests coming on over the next few weeks. Wednesday, July 15th […]

Sad Note: We started the show with Ryan’s paean to Lori (lolorb) Bonatakis, a prolific and insightful progressive blogger and online commenter. She was fit and fiery just a short time ago at our recent BlogLeft gathering, but she’s suddenly gone. Coincidentally, Lori was quite the animal lover and protector. She would have added to […]

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Ryan’s been playing activities director, with minor help from Mike. We prefer our podcasts with a guest or two. We’re making sure we do more of that. Watch our schedules here or on Blog Talk Radio for pending shows. At our usual date/time of Tuesday at 2:30 p.m., we have Christein Dorchak on greyhound racing […]

Christine Dorchak has nothing good to say about greyhound racing. She’ll have her say on Left Ahead! next week, Tuesday, July 8th at 2:30 p.m. She’ll detail why she and her groups want to ban dog racing. She is co-chair of  the Committee to Protect Dogs (Massachusetts) and president of Grey2KUSA (nationwide). She is an […]

Expect more guests here. Ryan’s gotten a bit of time and is lining up Massachusetts election candidates — TBA. Next week (7/8), we’ll have a leader in trying to ban greyhound racing here as a warm up, Christine Dorchak, Chair of the Committee to Protect Dogs. Check us at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. Today, we […]

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