Ryan Does Denver

August 26, 2008 | Leave a Comment

In today’s LeftAhead, Lynne and Ryan talked about the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Ryan was in Denver until Sunday night, staying in the same hotel as the Massachusetts DNC delegation, for the National Stonewall Democrats Convention. Lynne asked Ryan all about it – who were the speakers, what was it like, what was Denver […]

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We learned quite a bit about how party town committees work and had a progressive candidate on to discuss his drive to become State Rep. form the 29th Middlesex in Watertown and a bit of Cambridge. Steve Owens came on first. He chairs the Watertown Democratic Town Committee (coincidentally, we’ve known him for years as […]

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This is not the trek toward the White House. It’s a dash for Rep. Rachel Kaprielian’s 29th Middlesex seat (Watertown and Cambridge). Kaprielian got the head of the Registry of Motor Vehicles. It was too late for the usual nomination process. We face an all-sticker race with four distinct candidates — a union one, a […]

For full disclosure, I point to today’s guest column in Bay Windows. Ryan and I codified our sense that the ethical angles do matter in the two-progressive race for the Second Suffolk Senate seat. The piece is no surprise to those who read Ryan’s Take or Marry in Massachusetts.  We acknowledge that Sen. Dianne Wilkerson […]

What if you gave a party and the guest of honor couldn’t make it? Surely, she’d want the other folk to party on. We did that today after getting a call yesterday from Sen. Dianne Wilkerson’s chief of staff saying she had a conflict that prevented her from calling in at her chosen time. We […]

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Follow-Up: No Wilkerson podcast tomorrow, 8/12/8. Sen. Wilkerson’s chief of staff called to say conflicts prevented it. We take her at her word and await rescheduling. All Massachusetts will likely turn to watch the Second Suffolk primary fight between Sen. Dianne Wilkerson and Sonia Chang Díaz. In a widely culturally, racially and otherwise diverse district […]

The second progressive challenger for the 35th District House seat, Jim Caralis, joined us today. Sunday we had the other one, Pat McCabe. That’s a good conflict for Medford and Malden votes to have — a choice between two good lefties, or to keep the DINO in office, Paul Donato. Right off, Caralis differentiated himself […]

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Today, we had a special Sunday session with candidate for the 35th Middlesex District for State Representative, Patrick McCabe – the latest in our Candidate Series (here are our previous candidate shows). He’s in one of the most progressive districts in this state that’s not currently being represented by progressive leadership in Medford and Malden. […]

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