The no-on-1 side was our podcast today. Speaking against Question 1 on the Nov. ballot in Massachusetts, Michael J. Widmer explained why eliminating personal income taxes here would be terrible. The initiative would cut the 5.3% personal income tax in half in January 2009 and eliminate it entirely the next year. Taxpayers would appreciate over […]

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Budget Liposuction

September 27, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Well, well, the yes-on-1 folk are also eager to have their say too. We’ll  match the no-on-1 head, Michael J. Widmer, with the leader of the Committee for Small Government, Carla Howell. Those who want blood on the floor will have to invite them to their own function. We’ll host Widmer this coming Tuesday and […]

Tax Battle 11/4

September 25, 2008 | 2 Comments

Home of an early, famous tax revolt, a.k.a. the Boston Tea Party, Massachusetts is at it again. Voters will go to their battle stations again in November. This time, it’s ballot question 1. This would cut the 5.3% personal income tax in half in January 2009 and eliminate it entirely the next year. Taxpayers would […]

On November 4th, we have YES/NO choices on three ballot questions: Eliminate state personal income taxes by 1/1/10 (cut in half to 2.65% on 1/1/9) Change  possession of small amounts of pot from criminal to civil offense Outlaw dog racing by 1/1/10 We stated our impassioned, and we think reasoned, arguments. We say: No on […]

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Let us chuckle together. What wingers seems to fear, election of progressive and leftist politicians, seems to continue in Massachusetts. Ryan and Mike reveled in the legislative possibilities following yesterday’s Massachusetts Dem primaries. Sonia v. Dianne.  Huge without a doubt was the victory of Sonia Chang-Díaz over incumbent state Senator Dianne Wilkerson. Sonia lost two […]

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Squaring off against 24-year incumbent U.S. Sen. John Kerry somehow hasn’t exhausted Ed O’Reilly. The Gloucester lawyer has put his career on hold to contend in the Democratic Primary, September 16th. He seems to have visited every town square, coffee shop and public meeting place in the commonwealth in the process. Ed joined us today […]

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We were graced by John Galligan, a.k.a. Humble Elias, the blogger at Chimes at Midnight. Lynne and Mike dragged national and local politics around the grounds. He knows a lot about and has strong opinions on Arlington politics, Sarah Palin, John Kerry and Ed O’Reilly among others. As one teaser, he figures lots of shoes […]

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Quixote or Giant Killer?

September 5, 2008 | 1 Comment

Everyone, including candidate Ed O’Reilly knows he’s walking under huge legs in trying to unseat long-term U.S. Senator John Kerry. The Gloucester lawyer is neither cowed nor seemingly does he need sleep. Cross-post note: This appears at Marry in Massachusetts. I bumped hips, figuratively, with him at the Ward 11 and 19 candidate forum at […]

We’ll run our weekly a tad early this coming Tuesday, 9/9.  At noon, the blogger behind Chimes at Midnight joins us. Commenting as Humble Elias, John L. Galligan has little patience with foolishness or delusion. Hear him live then or check back here for the podcast.

Okay, we can’t claim high ground. We rolled around the John McCain/Sarah Palin rubbish. Along with rumors of babies recent and pending, we went for some substance. Her veep nomination is a combined intelligence and personality test. Palin has no meaningful expertise or experience. Her personal life is a royal mess, down to active charges […]

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