John Kerry Shares a Bit

October 28, 2008 | Comments Off on John Kerry Shares a Bit

We trotted to Lynn on our usual podcast day to hear Sen. John Kerry on the economy. He also gave us a short interview afterward. Check out our other blogs for coverage of his financial address: Left in Lowell Ryan’s Take Marry in Massachusetts Pix notes: Images courtesy of Kerry’s staff. Click on one to […]

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Netroots Podcast

October 21, 2008 | Leave a Comment

We got a lot to chew on from Raven Brooks, executive director of Netroots Nation (formerly YearlyKos).  We had a wide-ranging conversation within the political, media and blog worlds. Brooks gave tips on how bloggers can work effectively, whom they should meet to do the best job and how they can spread their messages. Of […]

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The folks who brought you the YearlyKos convention and who bulled ahead with blogging will be our podcast focus next week. On Tuesday, 10/21 at 2:30 p.m., Netroots Nation Executive Director Raven Brooks is our guest. We’ll be talking blogger power, citizen journalism, and local politics. You can listen live to the stream or come […]

Perhaps it’s our narrow field of vision, but none of the three of us here is willing to cede much of a chance for victory to William Theodore Leonard next month. He is one of two candidates on the ballot for the Second Suffolk state Senate seat held by Dianne Wilkerson. Sonia  Chang-Díaz won the […]

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Battle Scar

October 9, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Well, Lynne didn’t advance to the next round in the FOX New Radio blogger battle. I thought she more than held her own though. You can catch her and the other bloggers — left and right — here. ~Mike

We finished our cycle on ballot initiative Question 1 to eliminate personal state income taxes in two slashes by January 2010. Co-founder of the Committee for Small Government, Carla Howell, told us in very firm terms why she wants voters to smudge YES on 1. The three of us are no-on-1 types and Carla was […]

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Once more into the breach… We are back to Carla Howell, co-founder of the Committee for Small Government for today’s podcast.

For this afternoon’s podcast on Question 1, Rich Aucoin steps into the lead. He’ll Carla Howell will tell us why Massachusetts voters should vote to eliminate personal income taxes. Aucoin ran with the Committee for Small Government co-founder Carla Howell in 2002.  She ran for governor and he as lieutenant governor. He now works with […]

In a month, Massachusetts voters have a second chance to pass a ballot initiative that would stop collection of personal income taxes. The present 5.3% rate would halve in January and disappear the next January. On the no-on-1 side, we had Michael  Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation on last week. Tomorrow is Carla […]

Hi, it’s your friendly podcaster Lynne of Left Ahead! and Left in Lowell, here to tell you all about stranger-danger—oh, that’s not what I have to talk about? I need to plug my “national debut”? OK then… Our robust and august hosts at BlogTalkRadio are teaming up with FOX News Radio for a “Battle of […]