Next week’s podcast kicks around marijuana enforcement under the week’s new standards. It’s not so simple as November’s ballot question seems. On (not in) paper, possession of under an ounce of pot is a civil offense. If you’re caught, it’s supposed to be a $100 fine and no CORI record of a crime. Back in […]

The era when every house got one or two daily newspapers is way gone. Papers have been folding, combining in various ways, and lamenting their pending bankruptcy. We have our own judgments on why (and whether) media groups and individual papers are struggling. Also, Ryan pointed to yet another model as covered by David Carr […]

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Boston’s cycling czarina (in reality Bicycle Coordinator) Nicole Freedman is in the vanguard of city cycling change. She inherited paper and little else a little over a year ago, but has a lot to show for work since. She talked to us about the low-hanging fruit, as well as the harder tasks of turning around […]

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Wednesday is the podcast day this week, not the usual Tuesday.  This is on the state and future of cycling (and non-motor vehicle transit) in Boston. Our guest is the city’s Bicycle Coordinator Nicole Freedman, a.k.a. the Cycling Czar. Listen live on BlogTalkRadio Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. Otherwise, return to this site anytime to listen […]

Prez-Elect Rising

December 9, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Ryan and Mike riffed on the surprise emergence of Barack Obama in the newly powerful role of President-elect. These startling and demanding times require a cohesive and sure direction, something we haven’t seen in a long time. While saying we only have one President at a time, Obama has nonetheless run a two-President world since […]

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The days when the Charles River separated good-for-cyclist from bad-for-cyclists are nearly gone. Boston has long had the earned rep for discouraging biking — bad roads, hostile drivers, no bike lanes, no racks,no bus/train accommodation. The city’s cycling czar, a.k.a. Bike Coordinator Nicole Freedman, has been doing stuff you’ve seen and stuff you have no […]

People just don’t know. Judy Meredith and her ONE Massachusetts are about changing that. The long-term activist and lobbyist was our podcast guest today. She spoke of how to define and fund fair government, and how to convince both voters and lawmakers to make it happen. Starting decades ago on adoption issues, learning how to […]

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We’re having the Real Clout activist, Judy Meredith, as our guest on tomorrow’s podcast. She founded both the Public Policy Institute and then ONE Massachusetts. As a long-term progressive and lobbyist, she is used to getting things done, regardless of impediments. Even in today’s chaotic environment,  she is working to define key goals and set […]