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Ex-Gay Podcast

Going solo today, Mike spoke about the Boston rally and protest of Exodus International‘s training. The infamous reparative or conversion therapy ministry, as they describe themselves, were at the conservative and fundamentalist Park Street Church abutting the Boston Common.

In the park, up to 50 LGBT protesters rallied. There’s a report on the rally and protest here. The MFI isn’t much on free speech for others and called the protest “desecration” of the cemetery, replete with voyeuristic video of eight  minutes of pretty boring and uneventful filing of part of the group.

Truth Wins Out‘s executive director, Wayne Besen spoke to the group before the formal protest. He researched the group and its operations to write Anything But Straight. Among his key comments were:

  • Conversion therapy doesn’t work, as acknowledged and proved by every study.
  • Exodus’ own founders and its showcased ex-gays all returned to their gender preference for homosexuality.
  • The major funding for them is not from anti-gay individuals or the homosexuals they counsel, rather from powerful anti-gay groups, like Focus on the Family.
  • Exodus managers know the therapy doesn’t work and don’t care. Their business is convincing the public that homosexuality is a casual lifestyle choice, that gays can change at will, and that therefore there’s no need for anti-discrimination protections.

Because of the rally, this week’s podcast bumped a day. Expect us at the usual Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time next week and beyond. We’ll be dealing with the revenue mess and how to stabilize Massachusetts again; the last few minutes of the podcast gave hints of that. Plus, we’ll announce our plans to cover what promises to be one hell of a mayor’s race this summer.

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One-Day Podcast Bump for Ex-Gay Event

On/Off switchTuesday to Wednesday this week, our podcast will move to accommodate a LGBT protest in downtown Boston. We’ll be on at the usual 2:30 p.m. Eastern covering the ex-gay visitors. You can listen live then here or return to Left Ahead! anytime afterward to play or download the show.

The infamous ex-gay types from Exodus International will train cleric and others at the Park Street Church Tuesday morning until early afternoon. GLBT protesters will demonstrate across the road at the Park Street T station.

See details of the protest here.  Also, find background on the group with a video of how they work here.

There’s lots of room by the T station. Tomorrow promises to be sunny and warm, perfect weather for registering outrage and disapproval.



Flurry and Fury Podcast

This was a catch up and look ahead day. Ryan and Mike talked about progressive events and actions pending in Massachusetts.

Ryan has taken the lead on our BlogLeft group.  His latest was to organize a meeting of bloggers with a few Dem Party sorts to finalize what we’ll do for the party convention the first weekend of June. He describes our presentations and round tables here.  We have Netroots interest stuff for half a day.

We hit on several events coming. Mike pushed the rally and protest related to ex-gay Exodus International training in Boston Tuesday, April 28th. We’ll provide more information about the May 17th celebration of five years of legal same-sex marriages as we get the final details.

More substantially, we hit on taxes and redirecting the legislator to funding and accomplishing progressive goals. It looks like a busy couple of years coming for BlogLeft.

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Calling Out Wingnuts Podcast

We weren’t too surprised, but still somewhat disappointed, that no anti-same-sex marriage or anti-gay sorts joined today’s podcast. Our guest was GLBT and marriage-equality activist John Hosty-Grinnell. He was ready.

He contends that we progressive and lefty sorts has not called out the dishonest and dishonorable often enough or specifically enough. While doing so many not change their behavior, it is essential to making it clear to those they ask for support and funds that they are hearing and reading lies.

On such sites as Live, Love, and Learn and Know Thy Neighbor, John has put out offers to the anti crowd. He fundamentally wants them to be candid about on what terms they could live with GLBT citizens and others. Then, if they oppose marriage equality or other progressive aims, they need to provide compelling public-interest reasons to do so — “facts rather than misrepresentations and fiction.”

Listen in as John describes the problems and talks about what he thinks would work.

John’s Plugs

There’s a Tax Tea Party at Boston’s Long Wharf tomorrow, April 15th, at Long Wharf at 5:30 p.m.

On the fifth anniversary of legal same-sex marriage here, May 17th, a Thank You for 5 Years of Equality even will be in front of the State House. It will include participation by key legislators, activists, the Join the Impact team, and the Courting Equality principals. John said to expect much joy, a gigantic thank-you card to sign for the legislators…and perhaps a huge wedding cake.

Watch our various blogs for details.

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Calling Out Wingers

LGBT and marriage-equality activist John Hosty-Grinnell is terrifically sincere but not necessarily the subtlest among us. He wants to invite one or more right-wing callers to explain themselves next Tuesday, April 14th.

He’s the guest on the Left Ahead! weekly podcast at 2:30 p.m. If you want to listen or join in, click over to the show then. The call-in number is on that site. Be sure to press 1 on your keypad to let us know you’re ready.

John is beyond tired of the lies and irrationality of the anti-gay and anti-equality types. He says it’s past time to call them out on the craziness and have them take responsibility for what they say.

Whether wingers call in or not, this promises to be an intense show.

If you can’t get to a computer or phone at show time, check back to listen later. Until then, you can find John’s posts on Know Thy Neighbor as well as Live, Love, and Learn.


Predatory Gambling Podcast

Les BernalLes Bernal, executive director of Stop Predatory Gambling, spoke with us about how both casinos and other gambling interests as well as governments use games, machines and advertising. When he was chief of staff for our own Sen. Susan Tucker, he turned from viewing lotteries, slots and other gambling as benign revenue producers to seeing how insidious they can be.

Listen in as he describes how so-called penny slots bleed plain folk of their income and savings. He is particularly peeved with states governments who actively promote gambling and use it to balance their books.

He had lots to say about games, from scratch tickets to casino machines. With the government in the hunt for gambling money, his organization figures that teaching the targeted public is the effective way to slow or stop this madness.

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