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Burr in the Saddle McCrea Ready to Ride

Also in the hunt for incumbent Boston Mayor Tom Menino’s office is Kevin McCrea. He joins us Tuesday, June 9th at 2:30 p.m. Eastern for a live show.

Kevin McCrea mugCatch the stream on Blog Talk Radio here.  Return here or to the BTR URL later to listen to the show. You can also download it as an MP3 file here.

Kevin is new-media savvy. He makes his platform plain:

He is a long-term activist from the South End and a local businessman. He has not shied away from calls for reform in the way the Mayor and City Council conduct their affiairs. He has managed to come to many meetings and hearings to ask tough and confrontational questions.

We expect some sizzle from him.


Kitchen Table Podcast This Tuesday

Michael Flaherty mugA major player going head to head with Boston Mayor Tom Menino is City Councilor Michael Flaherty. He’s due on our podcast Tuesday, June 2nd at 2:30 p.m. He’ll say what he wants to do differently and better.

Listen live then to the stream or check back here later to hear or download the show.

This week, we spoke with City Councilor Sam Yoon.  If Menino or candidate Kevin McCrea agrees to come on, we’ll host them as well.

Flaherty pitches himself as the kitchen-table candidate. While the Mayor is famous for attending every public function, including parades and funerals, Flaherty says more is required. He solicits ideas and complaints from voters, and promises to act on the most meaningful ones. Moreover, he says the city can’t be efficient or responsive until it is transparent in its operations, from open meetings to full reporting and accounting of its processes and actions.

On his campaign site, Flaherty roughs out seven huge issues facing Boston. Tune in to hear the specifics of how he’d solve the big problems.

Follow-up: Once again, Blue Mass Group and Left Ahead will do shows with the same candidate on the same day. They will do Flaherty on June 2nd as well.  Head over to BMG if you want to submit questions for their version.


Sam Yoon Lays It Down for Mayor

Sam Yoon mugWould-be Boston Mayor and present City Councilor Sam Yoon does not seem intimidated by Tom Menino’s money and union machine. He figures the guy in City Hall can be beaten if enough voters are engaged between now and the primary (9/22) and general (11/3).

He joined us today to detail why Menino’s 16 years is more than enough in office and why Yoon would be different and better than four more years.

He is blunt in acknowledging that the incumbent has done best when he disengaged from the campaign, leaving opponents to struggle on their own. In contrast, he pointed to nearly 80 debates previous Mayor Ray Flynn conducted in the fight against Mel King for the office. At present, three debates are on the schedule before the primary.

Sam figures that each of the 20 neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods deserves its own debate with all the candidates present. We join him in that call and shall continue to do so here and elsewhere.

Click below to hear Sam describe what he says he can do better in education, crime reduction, funding, Home Rule, and even the BRA.

By the bye, he hit a sweet spot with us early when he said that in this election, blogs and other new media could play an important role. He thinks that’s one way to get voters excited about the issues and candidates’ stances.

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DiMasi Protoege Snatches Primary

We voters were bound to win in the 3rd Suffolk primary race for Sal DiMasi’s seat. The two leading candidates were progressives, Aaron Michlewitz and Susan Passoni.

Michlewitz won a relatively narrow 50% to 46% contest yesterday, that’s 171 votes out of a combined 4061. He should tromp the opposition in the June 16th special election, Republican David Trumbull, who ran the primary unopposed on his side, plus John Keith, an independent.

Adam at Universal Hub reported the also-ran Dems too — Lucy Rivera at 103 votes and Brian Ross at 44. I suspect each has more Facebook friends.

As they revealed in their shows with us here, Michlewitz and Passoni  each had solid progressive goals. In a way, this was a North End v. South End battle, with only 15% of voters inspired to wander to the polls. In another, Michlewitz represents a clear distinction from his old boss DiMasi. The 3rd Suffolk has long been an Italian American seat from when the North End was more homogeneous than it has become.

It was a good campaign by both and we considered each worthy of the seat. Congrats to Aaron and we hope to see Susan again.



Jen Benson Pushing Progressivism

Rep. BensonOur podcast guest today was Rep. Jen Benson, 37th Middlesex. She took over now-Sen. Jamie Eldridge’s House spot.

She hasn’t been shy buttonholing Gov. Deval Patrick on such big issues as transportation funding, state-employee pension reform, and ethics legislation.

She even finds hope for progressive goals in these tough economic times. Listen to to her wide-ranging comments.

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May Showers, June Pols

While we line up some politicians and subject-matter experts as guests, this was another week of the old bald guy talking. Mike covered:

  • The race to replace Rep. Salvatore DiMasi (May primary/June election)
  • The blogging and other online politicking workshops we’ll lead at the state Dem convention next month
  • The sickness of the Boston Globe and speculation on where we’d get news without a huge, well-staffed daily
  • The looming Boston mayoral race
  • The passage of the same-sex marriage bill in Maine, plus the likelihood it will become law
  • Check back here for announcements of our guests as we book ’em.


P.S. That news-gathering Non Sequitur comic is here.

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