We’re not much for talking products but found an exception today. Our podcast guest was Martin Langeveld, long-time newspaper publisher and principal of CircLabs. His group aims to increase online effectiveness of news organizations, beginning with newspapers. Their browser add-on software will go into beta soon. Circulate aims to alert us users to news we […]

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It’s on beyond hand wringing for newspapers. Our guest on Tuesday, June 30th, describes an aggressive program to test and prove ways to keep news gathering alive. Martin Langeveld is one of the four founders of CircLabs heading this project. Mild disclaimer: I attended high school with Langeveld and the woman he would marry. We […]

Today’s podcast guest, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, doesn’t seem to shy from tough topics. He does, however, have the skills to turn his answers to his main theme — this year’s race should be exclusively about advancing the city and not any past problems or policies. I have to admit that I was unsure what […]

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John Walsh spoke with us today in his role as Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman. We covered a range of topics, but expanded considerably on the party-platform process and the community organizing program. He even spoke of the danger of letting Republicans harp on their platform points without responding clearly and repeatedly with our own. Listen […]

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Boston’s longest serving Mayor, Thomas Menino will be live on our podcast on Tuesday, June 23rd at 2:30 p.m. He promises a half hour to tell us what he wants to accomplish with four more years. If you can listen live, load up the show here.  Afterward, it will be available at that URL, on […]

The loquacious John Walsh, chair of the MA Democratic Party, is next week’s guest on our podcast. It’s kind of a follow-up to Ryan’s video from the convention and my grousing about the watered-down platform. John’s not shy and contacted me right away, by email and then by phone. We chatted about our differing perceptions […]

Big ideas from aligning the Boston Mayor’s race with the Presidential one and maybe doubling voters came from Kevin McCrea today. He’s the most reform-minded of the candidates, in many ways. He is a construction-company owner who lives in the South End. He’s best known for being a gadfly at public meetings and particularly for […]

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The bland and smiley faced draft platform for this weekend’s MA Democratic Party convention befuddles us and today’s guest. Blogger and political activist Brian (a.k.a. Sabutai at Blue Mass Group) has been strong in his criticism. At numerous caucuses and party hearings, Dems spoke up for their crucial issues. Understandably, they have been amazed at […]

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Michael Flaherty joined us today for a beefy podcast with both big ideas and details. Use the player below or download the file. Earlier today, he had done a show with Blue Mass Group. We recommend listening to that one here.  Flaherty has no problem thinking on his feet and isn’t flustered by any question. […]

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We have a special podcast time and day this week…and a special guest too. Thursday, June 4th at 3:30 p.m. Eastern, Sabutai joins us to analyze the state Democratic Party platform. Whether you will attend this weekend’s party convention, catch him in the live stream or return to that URL or here for an on-demand […]