While there are a few contested district Boston City Council seats, the real action is for at-large councilor. The mayoral race has gotten lots of attention, but the real battles seem to be for council. Because two councilors are running for mayor, their seats are open, for a total of four this time. This tempted […]

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A sudden confluence of money and project put Massachusetts in a river of transportation issues, problems and promises. We kicked around: A New England-wide announcement by the region’s governors to make high-speed rail happen The sorry crisis of the MBTA with its pressing need to relieve it of legislatively imposed crushing debt The long-overdue need […]

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We have about 60 days until the pro-slot legislators in the State House start ramping up their efforts to legalize slot machines in Massachusetts. Nothing is inevitable, but certainly this fight will be harder than it was just a year ago. Some good news — the Speaker and Governor are at a stand-off, a fact […]

The three hosts uncorked some of our bile. Palin and Sanford got it first. Then the general shabby state of national Republicans. Ryan brought up Mike’s rant on limerence in Harrumph! and Marry in Massachusetts. Mike held forth briefly on Sanford’s condition. We kicked around the mess in Lowell government too. For background on the […]

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Sarah Palin’s no Teddy Roosevelt and Mark Sanford’s not even a Mitt Romney. The 2012 aspirants of the GOP (gormless old party) have been doing their crooked  best to self-destruct. In this week’s podcast, the three usual suspects — Ryan, Lynne and Mike — will muse on the candidates and issues we see falling out […]