The three usual suspects hit two different topics — the significance of political debates and Sen. Ted Kennedy’s request for an appointed replacement if he has to step out. Neither was a clear-cut progressive position and we had our own disagreements. We started by diverging on whether voters truly pay attention to debates and decide […]

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Mediating between feuding street gangs in Boston has been just another part of Rev. Jeffrey Brown’s calling for well over a decade. Now that he’s executive director of the Boston TenPoint Coalition, he has vastly expanded policy and implementation roles. The goal that everyone agrees is the crucial and obvious one is duplicating the Boston […]

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Polling Deval Podcast

August 18, 2009 | 1 Comment

Ryan and Mike waded into MA Gov. Deval Patrick’s recent terrible approval poll numbers. Why has he sunk and what does that mean for his pending re-election campaign? We figure he’s going to have to make it plain what he has accomplished and what he still wants to do. Certainly none of the like opponents […]

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We have a special and extra show this week on Thursday, August 20th, at 10 a.m. The new executive director of the Boston TenPoint Coalition joins us. Rev. Jeffrey Brown has the ambitious goal of leading the effort to minimize urban violence in Boston, mostly the youth-on-youth variety. It was over a decade ago that […]

We kicked around the new style of compromise and bipartisanship of President Obama and MA Gov. Patrick. It’s been kind of working, but with hits and misses at both the state and national level. We ended up dissecting the fights for health-care reform, both in Congress and the attempts to scuttle public debate by the […]

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On today’s LeftAhead podcast, Lynne and Ryan invited special guest Ben Forman, of MassINC, to talk about Gateway Cities in Massachusetts, something MassINC’s done an enormous amount of work on. Ben is one of MassINC’s research specialists on Gateway Cities and brings a lot of knowledge to the table. You can read some of his […]

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