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October 29, 2009 | 1 Comment

Friend, raconteur and wit John Galligan joined us (Mike at least) today. He blogs at The Chimes at Midnight, which blends politics, culture, historical and literary allusions and more. Lynne had business and Ryan was at the casino hearing at the State House. Check Ryan’s Take for his commentary and expect some observations at Left […]

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Boston Public Schools are not there, but can get there. So said City Councilor John Connolly, who chairs the education committee. He joined us to talk about what right and wrong with the massive school system here and what the roles of the various key players are in improving it.  While he doesn’t blame parents […]

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Golly, kids, it’s been since last fall that we were able to get blogger John Galligan (a.k.a. Humble Elias of The Chimes at Midnight) to join us. We have a special pre-election podcast this Thursday to get his commentary. I’m sure we’ll hit national and local politics, as well as cultural issues. If we’ve worn […]

The Boston Councilor who chairs the education committee joins us. John Connolly is hip deep in improving the city schools in ways large and small. Boston public schools have been big news and noise for decades. This mayoral election alone, we hear they are pretty good and getting better, or that they fail most students […]

Rep. Mike Capuano joined us to talk about the special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy. He calls in 20 minutes into the show, as pre-arranged. We introduce the race and contestants first. Then we discuss Capuano’s voting record and politics. As is his wont, he was plainspoken and […]

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Regular listeners and readers here know we are not big on endorsements. That is particularly true for local elections and specifically for Boston ones. That’s largely because we are in three different places and I am the only one who lives in Boston. However, we have paid a lot of attention to various contests. The […]

We’re running another special this coming week (are we becoming a department store?). Thursday, U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano joins us. Of course, he’ll concentrate on his candidacy to move to the U.S. Senate in the special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy. Expect the Congressman about 6:20 p.m. Eastern. We’re catching him on a […]

Down to the last weeks, the highly competitive Boston At-Large City Council race looks exciting from here. Today, candidate Ayanna Pressley joined up and held up well under a barrage of diverse questions. There are four open at-large seats this time, because two councilors did not run for re-election to challenge Mayor Tom Menino. The […]

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Our self-declared progressive President can’t seem to close any deal on gay rights or LGBT issues. Likewise, the Human Rights Campaign as self-appointed leader for LGBT rights counsels patience…seven years’ worth. Ryan and Mike ripped into what they have promised and some of the list of what they haven’t delivered. During his campaign, Barack Obama […]

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We have two shows this week, on Tuesday and Thursday. At our regular day and time, we discuss President Obama’s promises to the LGBT communities. In light of his weekend speech to the Human Rights Campaign, how are his repeal DOMA and DADT promises playing? To keep our acronyms perking, we discuss HRC itself. Catch […]

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