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Our Gov. Our Show

Gov. Deval Patrick joins us on Left Ahead! Tuesday to talk about what he hopes to accomplish — and how — in his four year (and maybe the next four). Considering that he’s two years ahead in office of his good friend Barack Obama and facing many of the same economic and political troubles, we’re eager to ask and hear the answers.

This is at an unusual time to meet his schedule. He’s on from 1 p.m. for a half hour. Because of the truncated session, we won’t be taking listener questions or comments then. However, your intrepid trio will hang on line after he has to leave to discuss what he said. That would be a good time to call in with comments.

  • To listen live to the show, go to our BlogTalkRadio page at 1 p.m. Tuesday, 2/2/10.
  • To call-in between 1:30 and 2 p.m. use the New York number 718-664-6966. When the robo-voice welcomes you, press 1 on your key pad to let us know you have something to say.

After the show, the session will be online for listening or downloading at our BTR page, here on Left Ahead! or on iTunes.



Sustainable Food Podcast

“Chefs who are already on the journey” is how Melissa Kogut speaks of the members of the Chefs Collaborative. As executive director, she coordinates a variety of efforts to bring and spread sustainable agriculture (including seafood) to restaurants — efforts you are more likely to taste than be aware of while you’re doing that.

Listen in while she speaks of what they’re about, including:

They also link to Ocean Friendly Chefs, which is offering an online course on seafood sustainability. That, for the moment, is free.  Another of their connections is to Green Restaurants Association, which certifies and lists eco-friendly eateries.

Kogut did not shy away from the stereotypical criticism of her organization, as well as of Slow Food®.  There is a basis to the complaint that these movements are, for the present at least, much more for the upper classes than the larger public. It is true that most of the Collaborative’s members run high-end restaurants.

Kogut notes that the membership continues to grow and they are getting support now from large food suppliers as well. She sees the effort expanding to a much wider range of restaurants. Meanwhile, click or download to hear what the pro foodies are doing.

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Gentler Food Podcast

We may all be ready for a break from months of heavy politics. Join us Tuesday, January 26th at 2:30 Eastern for lighter politics mingled with food talk.

Chefs Collaborative Exec. Dir. Melissa Kogut talks about her group’s drive for local and sustainable food. The Boston-based organization  is staff and chef’s involved in education. Tomatoes:

  • Publicly advocate for sustainable food in the greater culinary community
  • Provide chefs with the information and tools necessary to make sustainable purchasing decisions – through workshops, publications, and events
  • Connect chefs and sustainable food producers

The live stream will be here. As always, you can go there afterward to listen to or download the MP3 file of the show. It will also be available here in its post, in our archives, and on iTunes.


How Hardy the Party Podcast

John WalshJohn Walsh, chair of the MA Democratic Party, brought both is insights and optimism to the podcast. While it might have been a day for many progressives to mourn yesterday’s Senate seat loss, he’d have none of it.

Instead, listen in while he describes the types and levels of community organizing he’ll foster for the 2010 gubernatorial contest and then the 2012 rematch when the U.S. Senate seat lost in the special election comes for the full campaign cycle.

We had a full team of three commenting and questioning. For his part, Walsh ranged from specific predictions of two state senate seat pickups this year to how to move progressives into open and contested slots.

He didn’t dwell on whether the Dem efforts did the traditional campaign strategies well or poorly. He’s not concerned with doing things that aren’t effective better.

Likewise, he doesn’t have much patience with GOP claims that this loss meant a trend for Dems. Instead he drew the analogy of them after each storm (election) in a rubber life raft. After reach election, a few more of them fall overboard. Rather than save those, the remaining are delighted that they are still there. Dems aren’t and won’t be like that.

Listen in as Walsh describes his visions and strategies for the next two election cycles.

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Fortress America Podcast

Our puerile rush to anti-terrorist measures may come to bad ends. Following attempts to bring down airplane from passenger seats has seen understandable efforts to prevent them. Yet, President Obama’s administration seems to be setting itself and us up for failure and bitter disappointment.

We talked about what must, should and can be done. A couple of callers joined us, one to speak extensively in favor of armed guards from the airlines and even armed private citizens to act as deterrents to terrorism.

The Financial Times column by Tyler Brûlé with suggestions for solid and easy travel is here.

Listen in to hear what we think of the state and future of security.

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The Revenues for the Future Podcast

Lynne and Ryan take on what we think are good revenue sources and what we think are bad ones for the Commonwealth to look into in order to solve our state’s budgetary problems.

Mike was away for the week, but will be returning for next Tuesday’s show.

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