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January 30, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Gov. Deval Patrick joins us on Left Ahead! Tuesday to talk about what he hopes to accomplish — and how — in his four year (and maybe the next four). Considering that he’s two years ahead in office of his good friend Barack Obama and facing many of the same economic and political troubles, we’re […]

“Chefs who are already on the journey” is how Melissa Kogut speaks of the members of the Chefs Collaborative. As executive director, she coordinates a variety of efforts to bring and spread sustainable agriculture (including seafood) to restaurants — efforts you are more likely to taste than be aware of while you’re doing that. Listen […]

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We may all be ready for a break from months of heavy politics. Join us Tuesday, January 26th at 2:30 Eastern for lighter politics mingled with food talk. Chefs Collaborative Exec. Dir. Melissa Kogut talks about her group’s drive for local and sustainable food. The Boston-based organization  is staff and chef’s involved in education. : […]

John Walsh, chair of the MA Democratic Party, brought both is insights and optimism to the podcast. While it might have been a day for many progressives to mourn yesterday’s Senate seat loss, he’d have none of it. Instead, listen in while he describes the types and levels of community organizing he’ll foster for the […]

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Our puerile rush to anti-terrorist measures may come to bad ends. Following attempts to bring down airplane from passenger seats has seen understandable efforts to prevent them. Yet, President Obama’s administration seems to be setting itself and us up for failure and bitter disappointment. We talked about what must, should and can be done. A […]

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Lynne and Ryan take on what we think are good revenue sources and what we think are bad ones for the Commonwealth to look into in order to solve our state’s budgetary problems. Mike was away for the week, but will be returning for next Tuesday’s show.  Revenues for 2010 and Beyond Podcast [45:39m]: Play […]

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