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Tim Murray Podcast

Some of the strongest achievements of the MA executive branch have come recently in transportation. Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, the lead behind those efforts, joined us to speak of what they’ve done, how they did it and what’s still part of his vision.

Tim Murray mugAs mayor of Worcester, he campaigned on that vision. That includes such long-needed improvements as rail from where people live to where they want to work. When trains are fast, frequent and affordable are in place, employers and employees alike have many more options. Such transit-oriented development inevitably leads to new businesses and business expansion…as well as jobs during and after.

Murray spoke of the leapfrogs over boulders people had wanted to jump for years. There was the Transportation Reform Law that finally compressed the various related satrapies into a manageable and more affordable agency. There was the CSX deal (with eager help from the likes U.S. Sen. John Kerry among others) that makes major rail infrastructure improvements and additions to freight and commuter lines. Just recently the nearly $100 million Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER)  will enable three major train projects here.

Listen in as Tim Murray speaks of how they funded and got support for these massive improvements. Now he’s looking ahead with us to rail that would support high-speed train and even WiFi where we don’t have any.

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Lt. Gov. Murray Podcast

Tuesday, 2/23, our Lt. Gov. Tim Murray joins us to talk transportation. That’s a huge deal for Massachusetts and integral to his job.

He campaigned for office on a vision for improved regional transit, particularly rail centered. He’ll explain how that is key to 21st Century development.

Lost to many in the recession and legislative struggles, rail and other transportation efforts have been advancing. Catch the live stream Tuesday at 2:30 Eastern. If you can’t, check back here afterward to listen and grab the file.


Fabulous Fantasies Podcast

Ryan and Mike burrowed into what’s up with Congress, what needs to change there, what voters are likely to do in the next two elections, and how our President needs to functions right now. Never ones to shy from judgment and disagreement — even with each other — we went from filibusters to taxes and more.

We also got a long call from a self-identified 45-year-old ex-Marine in South Carolina. He made it plain he was a conservative who had very different views of taxes and tax cuts than we progressives tend to have. He brought up solid issues that we all concurred need more discussion.

I admit that we have lots of live listeners and I’d be happier if more chimed in as he did.

Listen in to the wide-ranging discussions.


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Deval Patrick Podcast

Deval mugTruth be told, today’s podcast with Gov. Deval Patrick was a little bit of a love fest. The usual trio had supported and endorsed him in his campaign and will again. Yet, we are like many progressives — impatient.

Amusingly he brought out one of his anecdotes about his friend Barack Obama. When Patrick complained that he hated the raising-money and bragging aspects of politics, Obama said, “Get over it.” He seems to have done that and let us know early and in detail how much his administration has accomplished.

He also detailed what he’d still like to do this year and in the next four if he wins re-election this fall. As he put it, “It’s a terrible time to cut and run.” That’s shades of FDR and don’t change horses in mid-stream.

He told us what to expect in jobs-creation drives, why and how we are closer to CORI reform than ever, why he admires Scott Brown (hating the Senate special-election outcome but respecting the effort and involvement of the campaign Brown ran), and what it means when he and the legislature have at each other. In the latter case, he first says that after the criticism and complaints, the legislature “does what I ask them to do.” His words to people like me are not to read too much into that. We should, he says, accept there will be differences and just look to the legislation or other result.

Listen in as he talks about his own compromises on the sales tax and on what progressive goals he has in his sights. He also touched on his campaign strategies against GOP challengers and the broad differences in how he and they view budget issues.

We weren’t obnoxious in liking our Governor (although Lynne did endorse his re-election on the air). He was thorough in talking about what he has done and hasn’t. We need to have him on again to finish the conversation.


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