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Grossman Talks Treasurer

Join us Tuesday, May 4th, at 2:30 p.m., when MA treasurer candidate Steve Grossman tells us how he wants to transform the office. He officially announced his campaign today, starting at the Parker House.

We live stream the show Tuesday here.  If you can’t get to it then, come back here or at the stream URL to listen to it when you can.

Grossman has a very specific platform for what he calls the chief financial officer of the commonwealth. He wants to be an activist treasurer, using state funds to pressure banks to act right and as money for job creation. Tune in to hear his fleshed-out proposals.


MA Money Podcast

We held forth on the MA budget proposals and prospects. Ryan and Mike went a bit into the specific differences between the Governor’s and the House Ways and Means’ versions of the budget. We went a lot into the philosophical and political underpinnings of both.

We make our arguments for why this is the time to maintain our up-from-recession progress and hit the rainy-day fund this year. We also name specific revenue ideas that are workable and should not be tossed aside.

There really isn’t any more to cut from essential services, despite the House’s posturing. Instead, we can look to places of questionable ROI, like tax credits and demand something for our money or put it into good uses (which we cite).

Listen in for our take.

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Niki Wired for Re-Election Podcast

U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas joined us to discuss trends in Congress and her pending battle for a third term. Following U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s special-election victory, seven from the GOP and four independents have targeted her seat for the fall vote. At her day job, she sees time and opportunity still for solid legislation after the financial reform fight.

Rather than seeming worn by the health reform and financial regulation battles, she was energized. In fact, she told us that passage of health reform energized both houses of Congress.

Listen in as she discusses the likelihood of energy legislation and even immigration policy revision. For the latter, she suggests that Arizona’s new law on immigration illustrates how Congress has to act on the policies.

We also discussed her positions on the military’s don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy and the PATRIOT Act. She tells us what she expects to happen with each.

She also addressed criticisms that she hadn’t sponsored enough bills, which seems to be a talking point of GOP challengers. She details her successes in such areas as safe body armor for our soldiers, enabling the National Guard to attract doctors and dentists with student loan help, and a new model to reduce sexual assault in the military.

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Niki Tsongas Saturday Show

Nike Tsongas mugRep. Niki Tsongas joins us at an unusual time and day this coming week. Listen into the live stream at 3:30 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, April 24th.

We’ll be talking issues and re-election with the Fifth District Congresswoman. She certainly didn’t stop after helping win health-care reform. She’ll tell us what she see coming up short-term and beyond.

She is also one of several Massachusetts in Congress targeted by the GOP. As many as 11 are aiming for her seat. She talks to us about how the campaign is going and how she’ll win her third term.

If you can’t catch us live, come back here to listen on demand.


SOC Candidate Henderson Podcast

Jim Henderson is ahead of most of us on the secretary of the commonwealth. Few voters know the range of responsibilities. Today’s guest knows all that and more. He can say what he sees as the failures of the office, how he would fix those, and what else he would add, subtract, and alter.

He is running against two-decade incumbent William Galvin. Henderson calls for bringing the functions of the secretary into this century, to make use of technology for accessible information, and broaden that accessibility to public records with powerful search engines and, for non-technocrats, with more regional offices.

His basic statement of aims and methods appears on his campaign site  and in Spanish. Many more details, including his background, are on his Facebook page.

We had a ranging discussion on the problems and potential of the office, concentrating on elections and pubic records. Henderson explains his ideas on ranked and instant-runoff voting and the possibility of eliminating party primaries for statewide offices. He is particularly strong on using database and search technologies to put the public in public records.

He knows he first has to make enough voters aware of the roles of the secretary, enough to care who holds the office. He says once he explains about elections and records, people get with him pretty quickly. He has quite a battle and seems up for it.

WABAC Machine Note: Ryan and Mike had a connection with Jim three and one-half years ago. We joined another blogger on the Worcester CCA TV for chatter on whether Deval Patrick could become our governor. The clip is here. There a certain symmetry to having him on our show.

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SOC Candidate Talks

Jim Henderson Cropped MugshotJim Henderson, independent candidate for secretary of the commonwealth, joins us Tuesday, April 13th at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. His vision of the office vastly differs from the existing operations.

Check his campaign site and his Facebook page for particulars.

The office has an astounding range of divisions, authority and duties. Think elections, deeds, lobbyists and securities among the many. Yet, many of us have been stymied in public-records access and more; to me, the office’s attitude is in the who-wants-to-know vein.

Henderson is all about transparency and easy public access to allegedly public records and information. Listen in to hear what he proposes.



Deval, Slots, Health Podcast

Punditry special today — 2010 primary and elections, and gambling. Ryan and Mike anticipated Gov. Deval Patrick’s campaign, which starts in earnest this weekend and the destructive fantasy of casinos and slots here.

We looked favorably on Patrick’s accomplishments, but not on his presentation of them. We agreed that the info is there and the in several key places, notably the state of the commonwealth address, the governor detailed an impressive list of them. However, as Ryan was quick to say, the political junkies like we are know all that. Patrick and running mate Tim Murray need to brag, be plain, and repeat.

We don’t see casinos and slots as viable growth and job creation strategies. While House Speaker Robert DeLeo claims to have the votes to push this into law, we remain to be convinced. Next week’s debates in the House will tell.

We urge citizens here to demand realistic accounting and projections of the claimed benefits.

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