Suffice it to say that GOP candidate for MA governor Charlie Baker leaves us amused and disdainful. For a bit of background, check Ryan’s Shocker: Charlie Baker’s a Liar. We got into his asinine attempts to try to prove the untrue…repeatedly. Fortunately for him, many voters will surely pass on any gubernatorial debates, wherein his […]

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Treasurer Candidate Polito Podcast

May 19, 2010 | Comments Off on Treasurer Candidate Polito Podcast

No candidates or podcasters were hurt in the broadcasting of today’s show. GOP nominee for treasurer of the commonwealth and receiver general Karyn Polito joined us to say why she was interested in and qualified for the office as well as what she would do. Time note:  She enters the show at 15:25. You are […]

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We complete our chats with those who would be Massachusetts treasurer with Karyn Polito. Join us at 2 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, May 19th for the live stream here. If you can’t catch it live, listen later at that URL or here on Left Ahead. Polito has been in the House for nine years. She […]

Steve Murphy joined us to describe his credentials and how he would take a more aggressive approach to being treasurer of the commonwealth. He and Steve Grossman are headed to the June 5th Democratic convention, with the likelihood that each will get the required 15% of delegates and face off in the September primary. The […]

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Part two of the MA treasurer candidates is tomorrow, Tuesday, 5/11, at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. Democrat Steve Murphy joins us to stake his claim on the office. You can listen to the live stream then.  After the show, you can go to the same URL or return here to listen on demand. Murphy is a […]

 The avowed activist treasurer candidate, Steve Grossman joined us today. He has a very fresh and different take on the role of the commonwealth’s money person. Listen in the hear his view of how that office should use the power of MA’s money and a bully pulpit to the benefit of the commonwealth and its […]

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