The trepidation of numerous LGBT groups for federal-court action on same-sex marriage is moot now. Our MA attorney general’s office argued against the DOMA section as hurting legally marriage homosexual couples from here. The big news has been the just wrapped-up California trial charging that the Prop 8 override of SSM there was unconstitutionally discriminatory. […]

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Lowell’s City Manager Bernard (Bernie) Lynch joined us to lead a discussion of the 40B law and affordable housing. Midway in the show, a 40B advocate joined us. It was a lively session that did not lead to totally solid conclusions. This issue is almost certain to be on the November ballot and has far-reaching […]

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 We concentrated on the many contested primaries, both statewide and congressional. Dems, Republicans and independents alike are energized and making real races…more than in decades. Lynne and Ryan discussed what they brought back from the Dem convention last weekend. We sprang from there into the governor’s re-election prospects (good). Gov. Patrick was in Lowell to […]

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