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Henriquez Aims for 5th Podcast

One of Massachusetts’ grittiest districts seems manageable to Carlos Henriquez. He would replace 5th Suffolk Rep. Marie St. Fleur, who’s not running for re-election. He has lived there lifelong and wants a crack at the hardest problems there — jobs, schools and crime.

While many expect the primary in two weeks to go down to Henriquez or BPS teacher and legislative aide Barry Lawton,  there are two other perennial candidates running for the Dem slot. Althea Garrison, who served one term in this office, and Roy Owen, who has lost bids on numerous offices, including this one, will also be on the ballot. Henriquez said the other two have loyal followers and he is considering all three opponents as bona fide.

As the youngest of the bunch at 33, Henriquez says he is “old enough to connect and at the age I can challenge my peers to be civilly active.”

Listen in as he describes the interplay between his three major campaign areas.  He sees education, jobs and safety as closely linked. He wants high-quality schools in every city neighborhood, with an additional emphasis on voc-ed as well as youth mentoring. He wants to help the students come out of school and get jobs, in turn leading to safer streets.

He has tales of the present from his own work with youth. Kids in the 5th may have to chart their course home like they were in combat. Riding the wrong bus or walking in the  neighborhood or wearing the wrong cap or other clothes can have serious consequences.

Henriquez thinks the city, state, feds and community all need to be involved in this three-part effort for it to work. He says, “If we’re not going to invest it in education, we’re going to invest it in incarceration.

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Henriquez Wants the 5th

carlos.jpgTough stuff from Carlos (Tony) Henriquez as he runs for 5th Suffolk’s House seat. He picked the three hardest issues for his campaign — fixing jobs, safety and schools.

He joins us next week for the podcast to describe what he wants to do for what was Marie St. Fleur’s Dorchester/Roxbury district. You can catch the live stream on Tuesday, August 31st at 2:30 PM Eastern. Afterward to listen on demand or download the show, go to that URL, return here or get it on iTunes.

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MA Gov. Race Podcast

The usual three suspects held forth on the four candidates for MA Governor. We put our spins on what various candidates would have to do (and be) for a shot at the office.

Nobody so far has much good to say of the GOP’s Charlie Baker. The debates are just starting and he seems to be broadly vulnerable as voters begin to confront his history of association with the Big Dig financing and Harvard Health’s rapacious price hikes/downsizing, among other negatives.

Patrick though will have three foes tearing and nipping. He has a long, long scroll of accomplishments and righting wrongs of the past administrations. He’ll have to be in top form to stick with his positives and not let the others weasel and twist. He can’t afford to be slimy, even if other candidate are.

Listen in as we discuss the new version of the Patrick/Murray grassroots organizing and his prospects for re-election.

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Pair of Pending Podcasts

Here’s early notice of two upcoming podcasts:

  • 5th Suffolk District House Candidate Carlos (Tony) Henriquez on 8/31
  • Newly appointed MassEquality Executive Director Kara Suffredini on 9/15

We’ll run some additional promo before each. Meanwhile, be aware you can listen live to the man who would take Marie St. Fleur’s seat on Beacon Hill. He is running on the three toughest concerns of Roxbury and Dorchester residents —jobs, crime, and schools. You can listen live to his goals and platform Tuesday, 8/31 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern here.

Two weeks later and a week after she takes her new position at MassEquality, Suffredini will tell us about her vision of cradle to grave equality. Catch her live Wednesday, 9/15, at 2:30 p.m. Eastern here.


MA Campaigns Podcast

 The three usual suspects recapped and expanded on the MA races underway, replete with plaudits and warnings.

We’re big on the down-ticket races — treasurer, secretary, and auditor. We want debates, many and now. We see the positions as having great potential for change.

For our part, we offer podcasts with four candidates. For secretary, independent challenger Jim Henderson has been on the show.  All three treasurer contenders have too:

Listen in as comment on the trends and events we find noteworthy.

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O’Malley Ready to Rumble

Pardon the WWF head, but Matt O’Malley is very excited about his candidacy for Boston City Council. He wants to win the special election for John Tobin‘s Sixth District Seat (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and touches of Roslindale and Mission Hill). He concluded today saying he wants debates with any other candidates. Throughout, he spoke of what he would do on Council.

We should not here and now, that in at least one way, he defies a stereotype. He said unequivocally that  he wants this seat and has no interest in being mayor.

Listen in as he talks about his varied major planks for education, public safety, taxes and the environment. Short term, you’ll get more information here than on his nascent campaign site or Facebook page for the race.  The city and state just agreed for the dates — Oct. 19th preliminary and Nov. 16th final. The nomination papers are just going out. He and we are not sure who other candidates for this high profile seat will be.

Wednesday Followup:  Boston’s elections has a full sked up here. It includes 8/19 as last day to file nomination papers and 9/2 for the certification of signatures.

Matt agreed that if we have several, we can host a debate podcast here. TBD.

He discusses how he’ll appeal to the very different constituencies in the district, from heavily Latino and black to strong progressives to more socially conservatives. He has been ringing doorbells and says that despite big, obvious differences, the voters have very similar concerns, mostly lumped into quality-of-life issues.

Click below to hear his discuss his background and where he wants to head.

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Mike Ross Only Podcast

No matter how much we three enjoy each other and regardless of how clever or insightful we can think we are, we’re not entirely daft. Many listeners are likely to go to yesterdays show for the guest, Boston City Council President Michael Ross.

For his scheduling and connection hiccups,  he didn’t join us until a half hour into the show. The version below starts when he started.

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Younger Turk Podcast

Matt O’MalleyJoin us next week, Tuesday, 8/10, for a chat with the man who would pick up the ball from John Tobin and run. Matt O’Malley is beyond eager to be the next Boston City Council visionary and legislative leader.

District 6 (Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury) is a muddled bag of lefties and moderates, of highly diverse and very Irish-American neighborhoods. With childhood and adult feet in each, O’Malley strains for this Council seat.

He ran and lost at-large and for some reason can’t wait to get back into the fight.

By the bye, the Johns, (Tobin and Connolly) the two leftist and most active councilors, have endorsed Matt. The candidate says that means nothing until he wins.

Click in Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. Eastern for the live stream. If you can’t, check that location or back here for  the show at your leisure.

By the bye, we expect the council to confirm the special-election date for what was Tobin’s seat. President Michael Ross dickered with the city and state to agree that the preliminary would be October 19th and the final November 16th.


Pres. Mike Ross Podcast

The head of Boston’s City Council, President Michael Ross, spoke candidly about the present and future of the city. We had a free-ranging discussion from biking to bucks to who has the power. Listen in by clicking below.

Timing note:  Pres. Ross accommodated us despite a command performance at a bill signing up at the state house than some phone grief from BlogTalkRadio’s automated system. You’re welcome to hear your three favorite pundits hold forth at the start. Catch Ross from 33:43.

As one of the class of young Turks on council, Ross has been a seemingly indefatigable innovator and iconoclast. We covered his decade on the body with topics from cycling to restaurants on the Common (the bill he was up at the state house for), to education and crime.

Ross did not shy from his view of home rule (an archaic holdover of a political and class warfare) to term limits (yes for the mayor but we need institutional mayor on council). He spoke of the hole where Filene’s used to be and how the councilors and others absolutely had to step up in terrible economic times to keep Boston perking.

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