Empty promises have hit the fan…again. The Nov. election in MA may have even more important matters than the pick of governor. In particular, ballot question 3 would slash the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%. Two of the usual LA suspects, Ryan and Mike, spoke of what that might mean. The only good angle […]

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Social activist (podcaster, blogger, video maker and on and on) Mike Benedetti joined us from and to talk about Worcester. That helped keep us from our usual speculation and judgments of politicians. He is much less rarefied and concentrates on real issues of real people, like the homeless and immigrants. His own real life is […]

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Mike Benedetti, blogger, video blogger and activist, joins us to talk west-of-Boston trends and politics. Years of his commentary appear at Pie and Coffee. His pic here is a steal from his Facebook page. Mike is hip deep into Worcester social action and politics. We got heavily into those when he was on almost three […]

Well, we were full of ourselves…and 90-some percent happy. Ryan and Mike held forth on yesterday’s MA primary results. We concentrated on the Dems. First and to get it out of the way, we hit our mutual disappointment, a serious one. As unlikely as the late-starting, so-so funded Mac D’Alessandro challenge to 9th U.S. District […]

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A short session today…and note that next week we’ll recap the MA primary votes the following day. We’ll be on Wednesday, September 15th, at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. You can catch that live here. Otherwise return here later to hear the show. Today, Ryan and Mike looked at some of next week’s primary decisions. The top […]

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