We rolled around in the mud a bit. While this is the state that developed gerrymandering and has numerous corrupt politicians, like James Michael Curley, among its favorite sons, we wondered how dirty are we? Other states have their own scandals, as does Congress. Right now though MA seems right down with the worse. For […]

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While the rest of us were getting the hang of Facebook and Twitter, and watching some YouTube videos, Steve Garfield was a key player in both online video and social media. He has created a role for himself and made a career of them. Steve joined us to tell us what he does with it […]

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The video god, Steve Garfield, joins us next week. Tuesday, 11/23 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. He’s made a career as the nation’s premier video blogger, consultant to companies and pols, and author. We expect to concentrate on how politicians, organizer and the like can use video and get the greatest impact. Join us live then […]

Grace Ross Podcast

November 16, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Of course, we spoke of AG Martha Coakley and of the Tea Party and of Israel. Today’s guest was Grace Ross, after all. We were just Grace and Mike, but we covered her analysis of the recent election, which led to many topics. While a professional and relentless activist, she has run for MA Governor […]

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Ever the activist, often the gadfly, always the populist, Grace Ross joins us Tuesday — at 12:30 p.m. EST, two hours earlier than our usual showtime. Listen to the live stream then or come back to hear it on your own schedule. The image here is part of a screen cap from a Greater Boston […]

The two usual suspects, Ryan and Mike, today went on about what’s likely for the Presidential and MA U.S. Senate races in 2012. Even before this month’s midterms, the next big elections and their candidates were in play. Listen in as we give unsolicited advice, particularly to President Obama. We know and reveal what he […]

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2012 in the Works

November 8, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Last week’s midterms were teasers for the campaigns fomenting now. Down in D.C., there’s a President aiming for re-election. Up here in Massachusetts, we have a certain junior Senator who’ll want a full term. We, on the other hand, might want a trade up to something better. There’s crazy talk about Scott Brown slugging it […]

Ryan and Mike spent a long time dwelling on the results in MA yesterday and the reasons for them. We did get around to the much uglier, grittier national returns. As a party activist, Ryan had particular insight into the effectiveness of MA party head John Walsh’s strategy. We got almost all our state wish […]

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