Bob Massie just announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat from MA coming up next year. He wants to go up against Sen. Scott Brown who has been filling the term of the late Ted Kennedy. He joined us to speak about himself and how he expects to win the seat. His campaign website […]

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We’re starting tomorrow’s podcast a half hour earlier, at 2 p.m. Tuesday, 1/25. Bob Massie is joining us. He’s announced a run for the U.S. Senate, to bump Scott Brown. Massie’s campaign site is here. Of course, we’ll ask about his platform…and how he expects to win the seat. Join us live is you can […]

We tried to go beyond the whom is to blame besides shooter Jared Loughner for the 6 dead and 14 injured Saturday. We were largely successful, sidetracked for 10 or so minutes by a caller. Neither Ryan nor Mike expected more than a one-week delay in the new GOP-majority House symbolic flurry of attempts to […]

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Glocks and pols and votes and rhetoric. Oh my. Join us when we go a bit beyond the most obvious with tomorrow’s discussion of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ assassination attempt, which bought a half-dozen already confirmed dead. If you want the winger hate version, head to the likes of Michelle Malkin, who has a dreadful revisionist […]

Exciting times start this week, both in D.C. and MA. We kick around what we expect in both locales. Dynamics promise many battles and real disadvantages for the GOP as it takes over the majority in the U.S. House. For one, the new, large crop of Republican governors will face severe financing problems, particularly after […]

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We’ll be talking up and talking down pending struggles in Washington and Boston. The frequently obstreperous House in D.C. promises to be more so, with the new GOP majority. Yet…they have many new Republican governors calling for big bucks, while the national party pledges deep spending cuts. Here in MA, we have the mottled model […]