LGBT activist and observer John Hosty-Grinnell joins us on Left Ahead! this week to discuss New Hampshire…not skiing, rather the GOP majority legislature’s effort to rip away same-sex marriage. He’s on at 2:30 PM Eastern, Tuesday, March 1st. Join us then for the live stream. If you can’t listen then, return to that URL or […]

‘scansin Scandal Podcast

February 23, 2011 | Comments Off on ‘scansin Scandal Podcast

The Wisconsin union-busting attempt by brinkman Gov. Scott Walker continues to hoist him on his petard. He figured he’d carry his anti-union corporations-instead-of-people crusade further as the new head of state. Instead, he has riled up most of Wisconsin and much of the nation. While the public-sector unions agreed to his economic demands, he iterates […]

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‘scansin Scandal

February 22, 2011 | Leave a Comment

We’ll be kicking the union-busting can up and down the hall for a half hour tomorrow, Wednesday, 2/23, at 2:30 PM Eastern. If you can join us for the live stream, go here then. If not, you can listen or download there or back here at Left Ahead! It’s an odd day and time, but […]

Inspired by the Rappaport Center series, we mused about the 2010 MA campaigns and looked toward 2012. Mike attended that presentation, where state party chairs, Dem John Walsh and GOP Jennifer Nassour, provided insight and bantering on what they learned from last year’s battles. Of course, both had some touchstones — Nassour of Scott Brown’s […]

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We never got to Reagan. As a nod and grunt to his 100th natal anniversary, we thought we’d talk about foreign policy. We did but only current events. We looked at the crisis in Egypt and the vacillating response of the U.S., particularly President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton. As the Mubarak government slowly […]

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In the first of the new series of 30-minutes podcasts, Ryan and Mike previewed pending marriage-equality fights in New Hampshire and Rhode Island. N.H. has SSM, which passed with vigorous debate, and now the newly more conservative legislature may try to strip those rights. In Rhode Island, the long-term anti-gay governor is gone and identical […]

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