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NH Fight to Keep SSM

LGBT activist and observer John Hosty-Grinnell joins us on Left Ahead! this week to discuss New Hampshire…not skiing, rather the GOP majority legislature’s effort to rip away same-sex marriage.

He’s on at 2:30 PM Eastern, Tuesday, March 1st. Join us then for the live stream. If you can’t listen then, return to that URL or to Left Ahead! later to listen or download the session on demand.

John has been active as a principal in KnowThyNeighbor and runs the Live, Love and Learn blog. His personal experience in SSM includes being a married gay man.

He was a guest previously. He proposed ways of dealing with the smoke screens of disinformation from anti-LGBT sorts.


‘scansin Scandal Podcast

The Wisconsin union-busting attempt by brinkman Gov. Scott Walker continues to hoist him on his petard. He figured he’d carry his anti-union corporations-instead-of-people crusade further as the new head of state.

Instead, he has riled up most of Wisconsin and much of the nation. While the public-sector unions agreed to his economic demands, he iterates that what he really wants is to strip them of all collective-bargaining rights. Efforts to turn workers and managers in the first state to allow public unions into employees at will has met with fierce resistance and his poll numbers have plunged to tiny figures.

We talked about what this is about. Ryan recommends Rachel Maddow’s take, like here. Walker has also blundered into abject lying territory about public-sector income, which is easily refuted, like here.

We discuss the likelihood of the failure of this union-busting efforts and how it is galvanizing non-union as well as union Americans. We talk about Walker’s befuddled economic policies, past and present. This seems to be yet another overreaching that causes a tumble on the right.

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‘scansin Scandal

We’ll be kicking the union-busting can up and down the hall for a half hour tomorrow, Wednesday, 2/23, at 2:30 PM Eastern. If you can join us for the live stream, go here then. If not, you can listen or download there or back here at Left Ahead!

It’s an odd day and time, but if you have something to add, use the call-in number during the show — 718-664-6966.

This is a seminal fight that WI Gov. Walker has picked. The extreme right loves the idea of hiding behind fiscal responsibility when the real aim clearly reversing many decades of union rights to collective bargaining. Progressives and even wishy-washy liberals say if you want to balance budgets, start with Wall Street profiteers and the super-rich who have benefited from crazy tax breaks for many years. There’s a piper to be paid, but not by the working and middle classes.

This is quickly shaping up as the great political fight of the time.


Lessons & Lesions Podcast

Inspired by the Rappaport Center series, we mused about the 2010 MA campaigns and looked toward 2012. Mike attended that presentation, where state party chairs, Dem John Walsh and GOP Jennifer Nassour, provided insight and bantering on what they learned from last year’s battles. Of course, both had some touchstones — Nassour of Scott Brown’s victory in January and Walsh of sweeping the statewide and Congressional offices in November when the rest of the nation was going red.

Listen in as we touch on what they said on Tremont Street and diverged into what we got out of 2010. We project to the next big contests of 2012. We deal with whether Brown’s Senate victor set a pattern, why the GOP lost here, whether Republicans really did introduce players who lost this time but are primed for victories, and how we see the strategies of the parties.

For non-MA sorts, we do pepper the conversation with pointers about what we do differently around here.

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Egypt and U.S. Podcast

We never got to Reagan. As a nod and grunt to his 100th natal anniversary, we thought we’d talk about foreign policy. We did but only current events.

We looked at the crisis in Egypt and the vacillating response of the U.S., particularly President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton. As the Mubarak government slowly seems to begin accepting that it has to go, our own leaders have sent mixed and confusing messages.

Listen in as we play pure pundits.

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N.E. SSM Battles Podcast

In the first of the new series of 30-minutes podcasts, Ryan and Mike previewed pending marriage-equality fights in New Hampshire and Rhode Island. N.H. has SSM, which passed with vigorous debate, and now the newly more conservative legislature may try to strip those rights. In Rhode Island, the long-term anti-gay governor is gone and identical bills to legalize SSM there are already introduced and entering a first hearing.

In both states, voters consistently have polled pro-marriage equality, but Ryan presents his arguments about why some lawmakers can’t stop fighting SSM. Listen in for an update and some projections.

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