Lower urgency brings its own danger. In the case of at-large Boston City Council race, we’ll see who runs the smartest campaign…without a September preliminary election. Cross-post note: This appears at Marry In Massachusetts. A tip of the toupee to the Globe’s Andrew Ryan for a detailed recap of situation and players. The lead and […]

If you want to see passion, ask John Connolly about schools. The at-large Boston City Councilor heads the body’s education committee and is wired on the subject. He joined us today to talk about what he does on Council and the pending elections in November and maybe with a preliminary in September if nine or […]

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The second in our series of at-large Boston City Council candidates will be next Tuesday, May 24th, when incumbent John Connolly joins us. This will be three hours earlier than normal. You can catch the live stream at 11:30 AM here. After the show, you can listen to or download it there, here at Left […]

Here’s one Boston pol not afraid of powerful, longest serving Mayor Thomas Menino. Michael Flaherty enlivened the at-large City Councilor race by announcing his campaign to rejoin the body. Our conversation with him today (click the player below to listen) dug into what he wants to do if he returns, why he’d run rather than […]

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Former Boston City Council President Michael Flaherty wants an at-large seat back. He stepped away to run against Mayor Tom Menino two years ago. Apparently he just can’t stand being away from City Hall. He’ll join us at 2:30 PM Eastern Tuesday, May 17th. If you can listen to the live stream, go here then. […]

We went up and down the hall today, opening doors and peeking in them. There was: The suddenly hot at-large Boston City Council race, with 13 total, including the four incumbents and form biggy Councilor Mike Flaherty. We hit on whose running, who really has shots and what their liabilities might be. We went two […]

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Flippancy aside (this show was billed Zombie bin Laden), we ended talking about this huge moment, including but far beyond Osama bin Laden’s take-down. We ended up calling for progressive sorts to think about what they want our government to do and let the Administration and Congress know. Sure, Al Qaeda is still there and […]

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Joining the mobs speaking of the death of Osama bin Laden —rather what we figure it means — we’ll noodle immediate, mid-term, and farther out effects. If you’re around Tuesday 5/3 at 2:30 PM Eastern, listen live here. If you also have keen insights to share, do so at 718-664-6966. Only hours after the death, […]