Early-as-possible warning on the casino front… Ryan and Mike went on about the latest, behind-closed-doors, lobbyist snuggling casinos/slot parlor effort on Beacon Hill. The governor and top dog from each house will come out after Labor Day presenting a combined front. It will run something like three destination casinos, one slot parlor, and a lot […]

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My wife picked up pop, as it give it pop. Well as of yet still unannounced but probable U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has given pop to the race here. Alas, I soloed for about 20 minutes updating the race. We had caught the first candidate, Bob Massie here in January. You can listen to […]

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We have to look to comic book or movie heroes to find a more straight-ahead character than Steve Grossman. The MA Treasurer joined Left Ahead today and gave an update on his numerous innovative and even revolutionary campaign pledges. The short of it is that he’s getting us there. You can check his campaign promises […]

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This coming week, MA Treasurer Steve Grossman joins us. You can catch the show live on Wednesday, 8/17, at 11:30 AM Eastern (note, not our usual day and time) here. If you can’t listen to the live stream, hear it later here, at the show URL or on iTunes. Grossman won election last fall with […]

Well, we got it on about the economic crises and pending elections. Ryan and Mike did a second show on what has been happening, what has not, and what we might expect short term and in 2012. Ryan even wants to see a better version of a progressive, with some courage, to challenge the POTUS […]

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Ryan and Mike were bitterly angry and disappointed at the process and end game alike in today’s debt-ceiling bill. Listen in as we speak of what should have happened and the few options ahead. Feel free to pile on comments below. The GOP and specifically their Tea Party masters had their way with the POTUS. […]

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