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Jim King Makes His Senate Case

Boston attorney Jim King joins us at an unusual-for-us Thursday to talk about his campaign for the Dem nomination for U.S. Senator from MA. He offers a detailed platform, heavy on economics, covering seven big issues. He speaks of Yankee ingenuity and New England ideals translated to our current situation.

Of course, we’ll ask about his campaign strategy as well as platform.

You can join us live on Thursday, February 2nd at 2:30 PM Eastern by clicking here. Afterward, you can catch his show at that URL, back here at Left Ahead or on iTunes.


Newt Lives Podcast

We try not to be too gleeful or delusionally optimistic, but…but…but…

The GOP POTUS would be types pummel each other. It’s hard to say for certain which is worse for their chances in November. They are dreadful.

We talked about how they are doing exactly what winger and party activists are begging them not to, in exposing the worse of each other’s histories and policies. Thank you.

We had a caller who chatted with us and gave fair opinion. Listen in for all three of our takes on the messy state of the GOP primary process.

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Somebody Stop Me

We can’t help it. We’ll do a show today, Tuesday, Jan. 24th at 2:30 PM Eastern, on the GOP primary. Yes, another show.

We’ll have some opinions on the Santorum reversal of edging in the Iowa, not a primary, vote…on Romney taking NH (can he replicate that?)…on Gingrich going way deep into clichés to win SC.

If you can join us live then, click here to listen to the live stream. Otherwise, return to Left Ahead, the show URL or iTunes later for an on-demand pundit fest.

If you have your own views, call ’em in to 718-664-6966 at showtime. Press 1 on your phone keypad to show you’re ready to enlighten the world.


DeFranco Ready for Battle Podcast

Wired and ready, Marisa DeFranco is not intimidated by US Sen. Scott Brown’s millions or Elizabeth Warren’s public and party support. She’s itching for debates and forums. She figures she’s going to win first the Dem primary and then the general on issues.

“I am the only progressive in this race,” she told us today. An immigration attorney, she declares herself also the one from either party who has the most real-world experience, foreign policy knowledge, and solutions in her platform. Moreover, she differentiates herself from the other candidates by saying she is the only one with a real jobs plan.

To her, the incumbent and other candidates speak in vagueries and talking points. She says there are two kinds of campaigns, the talking point variety and her specific and plainspoken one. “My whole campaign is based on real talk,” she said.

She admitted that voters won’t necessarily agree with all her platform, but they’ll have no question what she means or intends to accomplish. In contrast, she said that Brown came to office with the single priority of job creating, but has neither done that nor even produced a plan.

While she has the least in the bank of any Dem candidate, she said ad money won’t make the difference in this race. “Democrats aren’t going to get people to hate Scott Brown in this state,” she said. Also, they “are making a fundamental mistake in playing the money game against Brown.” she figures whatever the Dem nominee raises, Brown’s supporters will at least double. Instead, she believes voters “are tired of the mouthpiece politics” of generalities.

She said for the past 11 months, she has based her organizing and speaking on a “focus on message, message, and message, and grassroots.”

As for Warren, DeFranco said that working for the Obama administration and spending many years at Harvard are not good preparation for the Senate and are not marks of an outsider. “I am the real outsider,” she said, “the person on the ground and from the streets.” She noted that in her many advocacy trips to the legislature, “I haven’t seen Elizabeth Warren in any of my travels.” Moreover, she was similarly plainspoken about Warren taking contributions from those in the financial industry and claiming those are the ones who want reform. She called it “disingenuous to say, ‘My rich guys are better than your rich guys.'”

For Warren’s centerpiece of the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, DeFranco remains unimpressed. She notes that it came with no prosecutorial powers. Also, she says that its (and Warren’s) emphasis on making lenders and companies reduce complex contracts to two pages does not do much. As an attorney, she says she knows that “mortgagte companies can make a two-page document hard to understand too.” She said that the CFPB is trying to regulate want instead of could; the customer may really want to buy that house, but the danger is what the lender can do on its side, regardless of how clearly the customer is thinking.

DeFranco says her plain talk has gotten support from both parties as well as independents. She says that she doesn’t “know where Elizabeth Warren would stand on so many issues.” For Brown, it returns to “Where’s his job plan. That’s my biggest problem with him.”

Short term, she’s in the process of directing her volunteers to gather the necessary 10,000 valid signatures to make sure she’s on the ballot.

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DeFranco Talks Senate

Marisa DeFranco is not a candidate discouraged from her run for US Senate from MA by coverage of or donations to Elizabeth Warren. The immigration attorney and activist joins us Tuesday to talk about defranco.pngthe race and her progress.

Pic Note: That is edited from her Flickr feed.

She remains one of the three Dem candidates still contending. Her campaign site details the eight major planks of her issues platform. She was on here in June. You can listen to that show here.

She’ll be on this time on an unusual day and time for us — Monday, January 23rd at 3:30 PM Eastern. If you can listen live then, go here to do so. Afterward, you can hear the show in a player or download it at that URL, back here at Left Ahead or on our iTunes channel.


Oh My Podcast

Liars and titans and bores. Oh my. The GOP show moved to New Hampshire.

The only sane candidate — Huntsman — doesn’t have a chance. The others are seriously flawed…yet unintentionally amusing.

Ryan and Mike just couldn’t stand leaving this alone. They packed in analysis among the giggles.

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Progressives’ Angst Podcast

We kick around the problem of progressives and lefties in this year’s elections. Many are unhappy with inertia and temerity from the POTUS and Dem Congressional leaders.

Ryan and Mike talk about the options, support, protest and more. We hit the likelihood of wins and losses in Congress, as well as what Pres. Obama might or might not do in a second term. We don’t forget Elizabeth Warren, DOMA, jobs, or marriage equality

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Obama or Oh Bummer

What’s a progressive to do this year? Many of us are unhappy at the timid leadership we’ve seen so far from the POTUS. We’ll talk about the choices coming up in November.

Clearly, the GOP goofballs are not going to appeal to lefties, the humane, and the reasonable. Yet, we carry a big bag of angst about our guy.

We’ll discuss the likelihood that Republicans might seize control of both houses of Congress (then what?) or whether voters will be sick to death of the GOP lies, incompetence and willingness to rob the 99% to pay their masters.

I’ll bet we get around to other predictions as well.

Join us live Tuesday, January 3rd, at 2:30 PM if you can at this URL. If you do, feel free to call in your views to 718-664-6966 during the show. Press 1 on your keypad when the system welcomes you to indicate you have something to say.

Our perfect predictions and punditry will be available afterward on demand here at Left Ahead, at the show URL, and on iTunes.