Boston attorney Jim King joins us at an unusual-for-us Thursday to talk about his campaign for the Dem nomination for U.S. Senator from MA. He offers a detailed platform, heavy on economics, covering seven big issues. He speaks of Yankee ingenuity and New England ideals translated to our current situation. Of course, we’ll ask about […]

Newt Lives Podcast

January 24, 2012 | Leave a Comment

We try not to be too gleeful or delusionally optimistic, but…but…but… The GOP POTUS would be types pummel each other. It’s hard to say for certain which is worse for their chances in November. They are dreadful. We talked about how they are doing exactly what winger and party activists are begging them not to, […]

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Somebody Stop Me

January 24, 2012 | Leave a Comment

We can’t help it. We’ll do a show today, Tuesday, Jan. 24th at 2:30 PM Eastern, on the GOP primary. Yes, another show. We’ll have some opinions on the Santorum reversal of edging in the Iowa, not a primary, vote…on Romney taking NH (can he replicate that?)…on Gingrich going way deep into clichés to win […]

Wired and ready, Marisa DeFranco is not intimidated by US Sen. Scott Brown’s millions or Elizabeth Warren’s public and party support. She’s itching for debates and forums. She figures she’s going to win first the Dem primary and then the general on issues. “I am the only progressive in this race,” she told us today. […]

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Marisa DeFranco is not a candidate discouraged from her run for US Senate from MA by coverage of or donations to Elizabeth Warren. The immigration attorney and activist joins us Tuesday to talk about the race and her progress. Pic Note: That is edited from her Flickr feed. She remains one of the three Dem […]

Oh My Podcast

January 10, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Liars and titans and bores. Oh my. The GOP show moved to New Hampshire. The only sane candidate — Huntsman — doesn’t have a chance. The others are seriously flawed…yet unintentionally amusing. Ryan and Mike just couldn’t stand leaving this alone. They packed in analysis among the giggles.  Liars and Titans and Bores [29:54m]: Play […]

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We kick around the problem of progressives and lefties in this year’s elections. Many are unhappy with inertia and temerity from the POTUS and Dem Congressional leaders. Ryan and Mike talk about the options, support, protest and more. We hit the likelihood of wins and losses in Congress, as well as what Pres. Obama might […]

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What’s a progressive to do this year? Many of us are unhappy at the timid leadership we’ve seen so far from the POTUS. We’ll talk about the choices coming up in November. Clearly, the GOP goofballs are not going to appeal to lefties, the humane, and the reasonable. Yet, we carry a big bag of […]