BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN… Sorry, all. A call-in problem prevented our connection today. There are 13 minutes of me blathering, which I’ll erase. I’ll reschedule this and announce the updated time, date and URLs. John Buehrens is a UU minister and former president of the UUA. For Left Ahead, we’re particularly pleased to have him on […]

OK, OK, the Republicans are asinine or vicious or both. We can stand it just so long without following up. This POTUS primary day a week before Super Tuesday was just the catalyst. Ryan and Mike guffawed and giggled over Santorum and Romney. Sorry, We just couldn’t help it.  GOP and glop [29:29m]: Play Now […]

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MA Dem Party Chair John Walsh is always funny, always fun and scary smart. He joined us today to talk strategy and prospects for the 2012 elections, but he won’t ever forget early 2010. He led the commonwealth Dems to sweeping victory in November 2012 while the rest of the nation was awash in GOP […]

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Someone not afraid of modern versions of strum und drang is John Walsh, chair of the MA Democratic Party. He comes on next week to talk about candidates, campaigns, opponents and strategies. If you can catch him live, click here on Tuesday, February 21st at 2:30 PM Eastern. Afterward, the show will be at that […]

Steve Murphy, president of Boston’s City Council, joined us for an update on key issues. He’s a pivot for many heady problems (a.k.a. opportunities, to optimists). We touched on the interlocking casino in Boston/hole in the ground at Downtown Crossing, where the city’s money will come from and go in these tight times, the PILOT […]

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Boston City Council President Stephen Murphy joins us. We talk about what must be done and what’s possible for the city. He came through a hotly contested at-large Councilor contest. Recently reelected to a second term at the head of Council, he’s long been the body’s money-and-numbers guy. This time, he faces complex, tough debates […]