Rep. Denise Provost (27th Somerville) strikes the right and essential note with me. She is in for the long fight, if necessary, to make the ballot initiative process more reasonable and better for us all. She joined us to speak to her bill H1830 and complementing legislation such as S12. These would bring us in […]

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A subject close to my heart, ballot initiatives, is the subject of next week’s show. MA Rep. Denise Provost joins us to talk about her effort to bring some sanity to plebiscites to amend the commonwealth constitution or repeal laws. Her tack is pretty simple. Her bill H1830 would more than double the signatures required […]

Dropping note: OK, boys and girls, word at MassLive is that King decided to drop out of the race the day after our show with him. I hope it wasn’t something we said. Enjoy the commentary in that context. Jim King does not accept being an afterthought candidate in the race for the Dem nomination […]

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Do not insert a king-of-the-hill joke here. We’re sure Boston lawyer and candidate for US Senate from MA Jim King has heard them. He joins us Tuesday, March 20th at 2:30 PM to talk about his race. If you can listen live, click here then. Afterward, you can hear him on demand there, back here […]

Toward the end of today’s show, Mara Dolan aptly described herself as having a hungry brain. She just noted that a voter she was canvassing in her MA Senate run for 3rd Middlesex told her she didn’t have to know everything off the bat. She concurred and knows she loves adding to knowledge and skills. […]

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Long-term marriage equality warrior Rev. John Buehrens does not see smooth seas for that struggle, but to torture the nautical image, he is sure the ship will arrive…and sooner that many think. He’s served nine years on the board of Freedom to Marry and joined us today. Listen in as he talks about the five […]

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Compassion and ambition, humanity and candidacy up this week. Monday, Rev. John Buehrens joins us at 2:00 to reflect and project on same-sex marriage by state and the nation. He has been on the board of Freedom to Marry for 9 years. Tuesday, Mara Dolan, almost certainly with joy and eagerness about her announced candidacy […]

We’re on for Rev. John Buehrens on national and state-by-state prospects for marriage equality. The show will be Monday, March 12th at 2 PM Eastern. If you can listen live, click in then to this URL. It will be available on-demand afterward, here on Left Ahead, at the show URL, or on our iTunes page. […]