The boys get loud next Tuesday. We’ve done numerous guests, but it’s time for some raw, raw commentary. Next Tuesday, May First, at 2:30 PM Eastern, Ryan and Mike recap the Congressional and Presidential races. Listen at your peril.

John Tobin says he can’t really miss being a Boston City Councilor. In his new role, he deals constantly with the same officials, including Councilors, the Mayor and legislators that he did in City Hall. As Northeastern University’s VP for Community and City Affairs, he jokes that his office is still on the fifth floor, […]

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John Tobin joins us to discuss the interplay of universities and cities. A self-defined political junkie, he has acted and observed, both as a Boston City Councilor and more recently as Northeastern University’s VP for City & Community Affairs. He’s represented the city and the school. He brings a unique perspective to how both sides […]

The technology-and-business oriented candidate for 3rd Middlesex MA Senate puts himself out there. Lexington’s Mike Barrett has strong ideas and is as plain spoken as it comes. He is one of the four Dems running for that nomination to go in November against one of the two Republicans who also want Sen. Susan Fargo’s seat. […]

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Ah, coincidences amuse and fulfill us all. As we started today’s show, Rick Santorum was literally announcing the suspension of his campaign for the GOP nomination for POTUS. While edgewise Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are still in the now misnamed race, Willard Mitt Romney will run against President Obama in November. Punditry has it […]

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Former MA state senator Mike Barrett wants back in. With Sen. Susan Fargo not running for reelection in the 3rd Middlesex, he is one of four Dems running for the seat. He used to live and work in Cambridge but has been in Lexington for 16 years. He is decidedly the high-tech candidate, specializing in […]