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Joe Mullin Podcast

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS has been Joe Mullin’s phrase on his website and throughout his run for 3rd Middlesx MA Senate. He differentiates himself from the field particularly in having driven the Clock Tower Place project in Maynard that now has over 90 tenants and 2,500 employees in the former HQ of DEC.

listen in as he describes his diverse business and political experiences. He speaks to his support for single-payer health care, graduated taxes to ease the burdens on the middle classes, and evev to reassignment of debt from mass transit.

This show completes the five Dems running for the seat. Mara Dolan was the first, Mike Barrett the second, Joe Kearns Goodwin the third, and the most recent was with Alex Buck.

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Joe Mullin on His MA Sen. Run

Joe Mullin from Weston details his economic advancement plans in next week’s show. He is running for the 3rd Middlesex MA Senate seat vacated by Susan Fargo.

If you can join us live, click here at 2:30 PM Eastern, Tuesday, May 29th. Afterward, his show will be there, back here on Left Ahead and on our iTunes pages.

He came from working-class immigrants through Harvard on scholarship and into a successful career. He’ll discuss his understanding of worker and family struggles and aspirations. He’ll describe his jobs-oriented aims and platform.

Mullin completes shows with the five Dems running for the seat. Mara Dolan was the first, Mike Barrett the second, Joe Kearns Goodwin the third, and the most recent was with Alex Buck.


Liberties Lost Podcast

It was a short, weird show today. Mike held forth on his Baby Boomer upbringing, in relation to expectations of American liberties. He contrasted that with what we are seeing at the airports, from Congress, in Gitmo and more.

Unfortunately, BlogTalkRadio misbehaved. Ryan could not connect to talk.

It was short and only suited to those who like 15-minute rants.

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Alex Buck Podcast

Not your usual politician, as Alex Buck describes himself, joined us today to pitch his positions and his aims if he becomes Susan Fargo’s replacement in the MA Senate for 3rd Middlesex. He says he tells voters in his front door speech that’s one of his pluses.

He warned us that his campaign site is almost fleshed out, but won’t get his platform and issues for a few more days. Meanwhile, click below to hear his views and goals on a very wide range, from education to taxes to growing our economy to mass transit to the role of government.

Buck layered a masters in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School on his mechanical engineering bachelors. He talks about his vision for an economy that educates for and enables the likes of life sciences, biotech and clean energy. He is firmly against giving tax breaks to individual companies (comparing that the mere fertilizer when an industry’s entire environment should foster all companies who enter it or expand in it).

He sees education from all-day kindergarten through public support to keep state colleges affordable to workplace education as pivotal to building and expanding these essential industries. Listen in as he addresses why he thinks we are one of the few places in the country that can pull this off.

This was the fourth in the 3rd Middlesex Senate series. Mara Dolan was the first, Mike Barrett the second, and Joe Kearns Goodwin the third.

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Alex Buck Also in for MA Senate 3rd Middlesex

Chelmsford’s Alex Buck is in the Dem race for MA Senate from 3rd Middlesex. He bills himself as a progressive and says he’s the one to stand up to entrenched pols and special interests. He has a masters from Harvard’s Kennedy school, has had local public offices, and successfully turned around a small business. He says his atypical style will make him the best senator.

He joins us next Tuesday at our regular time for the latest in the series on candidates to replace Susan Fargo. To hear the show live, join us Tuesday, May 15th at 2:30 PM Eastern here.

Afterward, the show will be available there, back here and on our iTunes page.


Joe Kearns Goodwin Podcast

In the crowded (5 Dems and 2 GOP sorts) for MA Senate 3rd Middlesex to replace Susan Fargo, Joe Kearns Goodwin says he has the consensus-building and problem-identifying/solving background to lead in the job. He joined us today to describe his personality, abilities, and aims.

Click below to listen in as he he hits his positions on health care, higher education, job growth, taxes and more. You can also get a rudimentary sense of him at his campaign site. He noted though that it is new and about to be enhanced with a fleshed out platform and more very soon.

We touched first on his well known parents as well as his unusual post-Ivy service on two war fronts following 9/11. He also spoke of how much working for U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, who taught him how you can accomplish much in public office while saying what you really think and not compromising on fundamental beliefs.

Listen in as he describes his ideas for increasing employment in MA, reducing health-care costs, supporting businesses, seeing that our workers have the skills for jobs here.

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Goodwin in for 3rd Middlesex Race

In our series of MA 3rd Middlesex Senate race, Joe Kearns Goodwin jumped into the contest. While only 34, he was campaign manager for State Rep. Cory Atkins before the Army and two battlefronts. He’s in Harvard Law now and fairly gushing with ideas on jobs, the larger economy, clean energy and more.

He joins us on Tuesday, May 8th, at 2:30 PM Eastern. Go here then if you can listen live. Afterward you can hear the show on demand at that URL, back here at Left Ahead or on our iTunes page.

This is the third in the 3rd series. Mara Dolan was the first and Mike Barrett the second.


Tag Team Pundits Podcast

Ryan and Mike were at elections 2012 again. We recapped the more inane blunders of the GOP, in Congress as well as Mitt Romney. We left the state legislatures and governors alone this week.

Ryan believes voters will start to pay attention a few weeks before the general election. He is sanguine enough to think Dems will retain the Senate and maybe pick up a few in the House. He also thinks that Warren will top Brown in a tight race.

Mike remains befuddled that so many voters seem willing to be fabulists and fantasists. The GOP has done so much to alienate whole classes of voters — middle class, poor, students, women, Latinos and on and on. Yet, many voters seem to want to accept demonstrably false claims, such as a mythical class of “job creator” companies and rich individuals who will, any day now, actually start helping our economy despite their failure to do so to date.

This harks back to the Reagan fantasies of trickle-down economics and guns-and-butter national expenditures based on an endless growth spiral that didn’t and couldn’t happen. Mike finds dreams nice, but no way to choose Presidents.

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